January 24, 2019

Business people talking

How to Boost Your Insurance Sales

You need to be tactful when selling insurance products if you want to realize the full earning potential as an agent. You need to find ways to educate and engage your prospects in addition to helping them to pick the best Medicare Supplement plan. A happy customer will keep coming back when the cover is

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probate stamp

Helping Your Loved Ones Avoid Probate

Most people believe that making a will detailing their wishes is enough to ensure that their estate passes on to the heirs. They fail to realize that a will takes their estate through a lengthy and expensive process. Most people will burn the midnight oil to improve their skills or refine their business strategies to

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phone and voip wiring

Comparing Different Communication Systems: Which One Is the Best?

A growing business means an increasing volume of leads and customers who want to get in touch with you for a variety of reasons. It can be an inquiry, complaint, or follow-up. All these need two things: excellent customer service and a reliable communication system. Between the two, the latter might be more critical. If

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