February 28, 2019

person accepting money from someone else

Absolutely Acceptable Reasons to Submit a Loan Application

Shortage of funds is a common experience for many of us and having to borrow to augment it can be uncomfortable. Sure, you might have the guts to ask your family and friends for assistance, but they might also be in a financial pinch and won’t always be there to help. Sometimes, money might even

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Worker pointing at a data machine

The Basics of PLC: The Brains Behind the Machines

Many people take machines for granted, but without them, we would never get to where we are going. For example, when stepping onto an escalator or waiting for the traffic light to change colors, have you ever wondered how these things work? Is there a person behind a computer watching a street intersection and flipping switches

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lawyer writing laws

The Thought Police Is Coming to Utah

Have your lawyer on standby and get ready to call your bail bondsman as Utah attempts to take the first steps toward policing thought once again. The Victim Targeting Penalty Enhancements Bill seeks to enforce harsher penalties if the offender is proven to have acted based on the victim’s race, disability, ethnicity, sexuality, national origin,

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