April 24, 2019

a wallet, miniature house, and coind being dropped by a person on the desk

An Insight into Conventional Loans

A conventional loan is one that has no guarantee or insurance from federal government agencies. Such mortgages, if they conform to guidelines set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, will need a minimum down payment of 3%. Borrowers spending over 20% on the get-go do not pay insurance premiums if they do not want to,

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House repair tools

Which Common House Repairs You Can and Can’t DIY

Digital media have made it easier to call a technician to repair even the most mundane of problems in your house. The same innovations have also given birth to do-it-yourself sites dedicated to teaching you how to replace your metal piping with PE pipe fittings or rewire your house for optimum electrical consumption. Some jobs remain best

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