January 4, 2021

child wearing face mask

How Can Schools Help Mitigate the Spread of Coronavirus?

The announcement that many primary and secondary schools in the US would reopen in the fall was met with dismay and protests. Many feared that allowing children to interact and be in close contact with other kids would put them at risk of the COVID-19 virus, as evidence has shown that, contrary to initial reports,

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two people looking at a computer screen

First Steps to a New Career in Digital Marketing

The internet has changed society, the environment, work, and lifestyles. Among the most significant changes brought about by access to the internet is digital marketing. It is analogous to marketing, advertising, and sales on TV. TV shows are free for people to watch because advertisers pay for the shows Digital marketing is also like that.

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auto accident

4 Most Common Auto Accidents

If you own a car or any motor vehicle for that matter, you need to know how big a responsibility it is to use these vehicles. Being an irresponsible driver can cost you your life or someone else’s. Motor vehicle accidents cause 1.3 million fatalities a year. That’s over 3,000 deaths per year globally. In the

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