3 Tasks Involved in a Post-Construction Cleanup

man cleaning debris at constuction site

After a building or a structure is completed, a post-construction cleanup is required to get rid of all the scrap materials, debris, dust, and all other industrial waste in the area. This process is often done when the building is already being prepared for turnover to the client. Construction workers are no longer responsible for the post-construction cleanup, except when removing the rubble in their respective jobs. In Kansas City, Missouri, building owners retain the services of commercial cleaning companies to remove the final signs of construction activity before furnishing, fittings, and carpeting can be installed.

Attempting post-construction cleaning with regular workers can be an overwhelming and tedious process. It will be tiresome and hazardous without proper equipment and training. Standard tools and equipment used for this kind of cleanup include industrial vacuum cleaners, power washers, and other cleaning equipment such as a mops, brooms, and buckets. Considering this, here are some tasks that need to be completed in a construction cleanup service.

Trash Removal

man at construction siteTrash and scrap materials must first be removed and disposed of before small cleaning details can be done. The construction cleaning crew will safely get rid of hazardous materials, trash, and other forms of debris from the area. Items that can be recycled will be sent to a recycling plant and all other materials are disposed of appropriately. These items include scrap metal, wood, nails, shavings, plastic, paper, cans, organic materials, and others.

Dust Cleanup

The most challenging part of the post-construction cleanup is removing all the leftover dust. Every surface in the area will be covered in layers and layers of dust that have accumulated during the construction process. Even the vents, registers, and ducts will have a few layers of dust. Dust particles will be the mixed result of sawing, sanding, grinding, polishing, demolishing, and others. They may contain hazardous particles of metal fragments, wood, and cement.

The right tools, equipment, cleaning supplies, and tools are needed to properly eliminate dust particles. It takes more than just wiping them away. Commercial cleaning companies have professionally trained staff and the right tools to clean up all dust accumulation, including hard-to-reach areas in vents and duct work.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

After all the trash and dust are taken away, all surfaces, nooks, and crannies need to be cleaned and sanitized. Specialized cleaning products and equipment will be used by commercial cleaning companies to complete this part of the construction cleanup service. The site must pass sanitation standards, and the indoor air environment should be safe from all hazardous particles. Most companies apply the “white glove inspection” process to ensure that the site has passed all post-construction cleanup tasks and is now ready for the final touches before being turned over to the client.

A post-construction cleanup usually takes around 48 to 72 hours minimum for small properties, but this can take quite some time for large commercial areas. Commercial cleaning companies need to deploy an adequate number of cleaners to accommodate all areas that need cleaning and preparation of the construction site.

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