4 Facts You May Not Know Concerning Bail Bonds

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It can be scary to get your loved one out of jail for the first time. The chances are that you are not familiar with bail bonds, how the bail is paid, and how bail bond companies can assist. The best decision you can make at this point is to contact a bondsman to help with the process of getting your loved one out of jail.

However, most people do not understand matters surrounding bail bonds in Concord, North Carolina. You need to get some facts right before you call a bondsman to make the entire process easy and less complicated. You should understand your responsibilities as well as liabilities before calling a bondsman. Bail bonds are not accessible everywhere.

The first thing most people think about when someone has been arrested is to get bail for them. Unfortunately, not all states allow bail. As such, you should first confirm if your state provides for bail before you contact a bondsman. Notably, some states in America restrict privatized lending services.

1. A bail bond is a loan

People are usually put in jail when they get arrested. They then wait for the judge to set their bail amount after a bail hearing. They are then required to pay the bail amount to the court if they want to be released from jail. You might have to remain in prison if the bail amount is not paid. As such, you seek a short-term loan when you call a bondsman because the agency pays the amount to the court on your behalf. Consequently, like other loans, bail bonds from the agencies have a fee.

2. Making the court date is not always enough

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People think that the only thing they need to do to meet requirements after being released from jail on bond is attending court dates. In reality, you might have to do more than that. Some people are required to enroll in alcohol or drug programs or remain in a specific state or city as directed by the court.

3. You might not require a bail bond at all

Most people do not know that they have other options apart from a bail bond. You can use your cash to pay for a bail bond. People can also use physical assets such as real estate, bank accounts, and bonds as collateral. Make sure that you ask a bail bondsman about the assets that the judge can accept.

4. The state regulates bond fees

Bail bonds are usually regulated by the state so that all bail bond companies and agencies adhere to the regulations. As such, the last thing that should worry you is bargaining during such a stressful time. The rates are the same since the state controls them. Therefore, what you need to consider is the experience of the bail bond company. They should be easy to work with.

You should get the facts right before you call a bail bondsman. Now that you are knowledgeable about this matter, you can make an informed decision when contacting a bail bondsman agency. Remember to contact a reputable bail bondsman.

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