4 Lawn Care Services You Can Offer

Have you landed a lawn care franchise opportunity and you are a little stranded on where to start? Well, you are not alone. Franchise opportunities are great for individuals looking to be business owners. Even then, not all the franchisees understand the kind of business they should get involved in. Lawn care is a vast subject and entails multiple categories. It is important that you choose a category that you want to specialize in early enough when starting your business. Below are some of the categories that lawn care entails:

Residential Lawn Care

Residential property owners care about the look of their lawns as it reflects the exterior look of a home. Also, a well-groomed lawn increases the value of a home. Some of the residential lawn care services include lawn maintenance and pest control. If you offer quality services to a residential property owner, they are likely to refer you to other homeowners, and that will make you the lawn care service provider in the neighborhood. This will mean that you will have more business and will not have to move long distances to offer your services.

Commercial Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn involves a lot of skilled work that a commercial client would not have—not to mention that investing in the equipment is a risk that no commercial property owner wants to be in. Therefore, commercial property owners prefer to outsource the task of maintaining the lawn. Usually, you do not need to conduct commercial lawn care services regularly. You will only come when needed. Offering quality lawn care services for commercial property owners would provide you with the chance to get referrals to other commercial property owners. Long before you know it, you have grown your portfolio.

Pest Control

A hole in the lawn

Even the individuals who prefer to maintain their lawn do not know much about pest control. Therefore, you can specialize in offering pest control services for your clients’ lawns. You need to understand the different types of pests and the proven techniques to deal with the pests. Equally, you will be interacting with some chemicals that are useful in pest control.

Weed Control

Weeds are inevitable in a healthy lawn, especially if the lawn is constantly watered. Weeds often grow in large numbers during certain times of the year. Like pests, weeds can be tough to deal with. This is because some weeds that grow on lawns are poisonous. Professional weed control requires you to know the different kinds of weeds and appropriate weed control methods.

Both residential and commercial property owners require lawn care services due to the benefits of these services to the overall look of a property. This means that a lawn care franchise business is a viable business idea for franchisees to take upon. It is important to distinguish the kind of lawn care service that you will specialize in for clients to know in the beginning. Also, specialization brings about skill mastery, and you want to be the best in what you offer once you get the lawn care franchise opportunities from your franchisor. When you choose the right category to specialize in, you can be sure that your business will succeed.

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