8 Unique Goods You Should Sell in Your Bakery

Baking cookies

Opening a bakery is just like opening any other product-based business. You need to sell something people actually want to buy. You have to be always in on the trends and delicacies consumers are looking for.

Whether you have your own bakery or you’re running a baked goods franchise, here are some best-selling baked goods you should be serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Every bakery serves cookies, but you can make yours more special. Ask yourself what’s better than a chocolate chip cookie. A chocolate chip cookie sandwich! Imagine using cookies as buns and putting buttercream icing in between them. It’s sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

Every now and then, you can change the icing or try out a variety of different cookie flavors too!

Mini Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are filled with so much flavor. Often, one whole cheesecake is too much for a single person to finish. Some bakeries have come up with mini cheesecakes. These best-sellers are most preferred by those who just want a pinch of sweetness to go with their coffee.

Play around with different cheesecake flavors so that your buyers have options that will suit their preferences.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Fruits dipped in chocolate are the perfect combo. You can never go wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries. They are in demand and sell out fast no matter what season it is.

You can have different chocolate flavors like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Each one of them goes very well with sweet, juicy strawberries.

Unique cupcake flavors

Probably the most ideal way to play around with different flavors is to put them on cupcakes! Cupcake flavors are incredibly diverse. They can be sweet, sour, savory, and even spicy.

When it comes to this baked good, there’s no wrong flavor. Use it an opportunity to play around with different tastes and serve these unique flavors in your bakery.


Everyone loves a good old brownie. It’s the perfect dessert to go with your morning coffee, and it’s also wonderful for an after-meal bite!

Despite being very common, brownies are still among the best-selling baked goods in the market.

Personalized cake

Your bakery should be the go-to destination for those who want to get specialized cakes for different events. You can have these on a per-order basis and design them according to the occasion!

You can target weddings, debuts, birthdays, and other events. Ask the client for their preferred design or you can unleash your creativity and bake a cake that’s fit for the occasion.

Artisan donuts

The market is always after something unique and bizarre. That’s applicable even when it comes to donut flavor! Now, artisan donuts are becoming more and more popular.

You can top your donut with the most unlikely ingredients like bacon, and people will be more than interested to try them out.

Vegan goods

Nowadays, there are a lot of diet advocates who don’t consume meat, dairy, or animal-based products. With this, bakeries have to strive to meet the demands of the times.

Luckily, there are ingredients that will help you create the perfect vegan goods like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, or bread.

Good old-fashioned bread will never go out of style. But you should take a leap and serve in-demand products in your bakery! Be bold enough to try out these best-selling goods and you’ll have a huge wave of people entering your store.

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