A Procrastinator’s Guide to Paying Bills on Time

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Back when you were studying, students could be classified into two basic groups: the doers and the procrastinators. Most of the time, it is the doers who are often on the list of outstanding students. However, there are also procrastinators who make it to that list and end up being successful.

Still, that is not always the case because there are different kinds of procrastinators. There are those who get the job done, and there are those who do not. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not get things done, even those as simple as paying bills. Everyone has bills to pay and having your mortgage lender in Salt Lake City run after you because you are three months behind in paying them just because you are procrastinating. Hence, having proper guidance, not just in paying your bills, might prevent such scenes from happening and lessen the possibility of your scrambling to make it to your bill’s payment deadline to avoid penalties.

A Guide to Paying Your Bills on Time If You Love to Procrastinate

1. Set up auto payments.

Maximize the convenience of online banking and payment by setting up auto payments. Most bills come at a specific time of the month. With just a few clicks on your phone or computer, you can let your bank pay it for you on time. Just make sure to keep the receipts and double-check the payment when it is done.

2. Have email reminders.

If you do not want your bank automatically rolling out payments, then setting up email reminders will be beneficial. Just make sure that you immediately act and do what needs to be done once you receive the email, lest you forget it once again and end up missing the deadline.

3. Keep your bills altogether.

If you are not a techie person, going the old school way of getting your bills together in one place is still the most effective way to manage them. Have a cork board where you can pin up unpaid bills. Make sure that it is easily visible. Doing so can help you be reminded that you still have unfinished business.

4. Note it in your calendar.

Writing down schedule for payment in personal journal

Put a huge calendar in your home or office and write the deadlines of various bills that you need to pay. Seeing them in your calendar will serve as a reminder that deadlines are coming up and action needs to be done.

5. Understand the payment process.

Familiarize yourself with the payment process of various companies. The last thing you want is scrambling through various forms, papers, and sites just because you do not know how to pay for your mortgage and you are a few hours away from being penalized.

It is hard for a procrastinator to snap out of old habits and even their old lifestyle. But making simple changes one step at a time can definitely make a huge difference. Now, you do not need to be afraid of missing payments, having to pay penalty fees, or being chased by your creditor.

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