A Simple Guide to Improving your Law Firm’s Website

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You know how important a website is for your law firm. Gone are the days when people will go to Yellow Pages and directory to find you. To find an attorney, people are likely to check Google. You might have already built a website for your practice, but the question is: is it enough? Is it designed to get leads? Is it made to provide information for your clients efficiently?

Thankfully, website designers and developers are offering niche services focused on law firms. They have some recommendations on how you can improve your website’s look and function, which you can discuss with your in-house designer or existing digital partner.

Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind:

Improve website usability and accessibility

Give your clients a good impression by making sure that your website is easily accessible and usable. If the loading time takes too long, chances are your clients will leave the website. Make sure that the use of colors is taken into account. If it’s too bright, it will hurt your visitors’ eyes; find a way to make sure that your color combinations benefit color-blind people. When it comes to usability, you need to make sure that buttons and sections are easy to find; this makes navigation seamless. In this regard, you can work with a user experience (UX) professional.

Use high-resolution images

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Your website is not just supposed to be home to large bulks of text. As much as possible, shorten your website copy; narrow down the information to the essential and most useful bits, knowing that your clients have little time. You can pair the text with appropriate and high-resolution images. If organizing a photo shoot is too time-consuming and expensive for your practice, you can always go for stock images. You can even find websites that offer royalty-free pictures.

Make your website mobile-responsive

People who are looking for the services of an attorney will likely use their smartphones. And it makes sense, knowing that consumers nowadays are using their handheld devices to search the Internet, shop, and find professional services. With that in mind, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile screens, meaning it needs to adapt to the size of the browser’s screen and features. That way, your customers will have a smooth and seamless browsing experience.

Manage security

Security is a priority, especially if you are using your website to store client information. This is also crucial if your practice’s clients are also logging into your website. You can set up security parameters to keep hackers and social engineers at bay. You can also conduct penetration testing to reveal the vulnerable features of your website.

Seek out help

Running a successful law firm will always require a website, as it helps you reach clients and strengthen your relationship with them. In case you need to make sure that your website will be secure and highly usable, it’s recommended that you work with a reliable digital partner.

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