Be a Backseat Driver: Avoiding Car Accidents While Ridesharing

Cars are one of the most convenient ways to travel. This has led to the creation of ride-hailing services, which provides fast and comfortable transportation for a price. However, it’s not always the safest way of transportation at times.

Using ride-hailing services like Uber doesn’t help avoid accidents entirely, especially in cities like Los Angeles. In most cases, you will need to call for a lawyer to help you seek compensation.

However, there are ways you can minimize the chance of accidents from happening. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe when you are ridesharing.

Wait in a Safe Location

Stay indoors while waiting for your ride to arrive, especially during nighttime. This will reduce the chances of getting mugged. Compared to the cold outdoors, waiting inside is more comfortable.

If you can’t avoid waiting outside, make sure to stay in a well-lit place such as a waiting shed.

While waiting outside, make sure that you act in a way that deters muggers from approaching. Avoid staying on your phone while waiting. Instead, be alert and survey your surroundings constantly. This will make them think that they have no chances of approaching.

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Confirm Your Driver

Driver ratings matter and will help you determine if your driver is reliable. Lower ratings may indicate poor car conditions or a reckless driver. Trust your gut when it comes to these decisions and cancel the ride if you have to.

Avoid riding cars that say that they are from a ride-hailing service. When your ride arrives, don’t forget to recheck the license plate and car details. Check if the driver’s profile picture matches with their present description.

Reconfirm your details with the driver before getting in. Ask them to tell you your name and destination. Stay at a distance from the car until you confirm that it is safe. Once you get in, tell your friends about your ride’s license plate and share your location with them at all times.

Encourage Road Safety

If you notice that your driver is maneuvering the car recklessly, don’t be afraid to point it out. While you want to get to your destination as soon as possible, you should minimize the risk of accidents while doing so.

Speeding is a typical example of reckless driving. It also causes most car accidents. A few more things to be wary of is running the red light and unsafe lane switching. When you’re travelling at night, tell the driver to drive slowly to be ready for sudden turns.

Make sure to buckle up when on your ride and to sit on the middle passenger seat. Studies show it to be the safest spot inside a car.

Stay Alert and Ready

Avoid getting distracted during the trip. Keep yourself awake, and don’t be on your phone too often. If you notice that the driver seems to be falling asleep, make sure to talk to them to keep them awake. You can also turn on the radio to have something to listen to.

Ridesharing services, with their privacy and efficient service, seem like a good chance to rest from the long hours of work. However, this isn’t the same as being in a car with a friend. Avoid sleeping during the trip, and make sure that you are safe while you’re on the road.

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