Beautiful U.S. Landmarks Worth Visiting

US Capitol Building

Beautiful sites, buildings, and estates are maintained and protected by the government. It is the taxes that pay for their upkeep. This is even more reason to pay attention to the landscaping, maintenance, and decoration of these landmarks. These are considered as cultural treasures and they are great reminders of the country’s history.

Tourist sites, landmarks, public offices, and parks are kept well-maintained and beautifully landscaped by commercial landscaping and grounds keeping services. They make sure that the sites are great to look at and perfect when welcoming important guests, visitors, tourist and history aficionados from all over the world.

Here are some must-see places for visitors like you:

The Mount Vernon Estate

This 500-acre estate of George Washington and his family is seated at the shores of the Potomac River. Its 14-room mansion is restored and maintained intricately with original objects dating back to the 18th century. Regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around Washington, it draws vacationers from all over the globe.

Thanks to an efficient and professional landscaping team, the estate has well-maintained irrigation, fertilization and snow, and ice management for the estate’s outhouses, gardens, stables, and over-all surroundings.

The Idaho State Capitol in Boise

This is one of the most remarkable state buildings around the country. The Idaho government office has rich white and gray marble bricks and it is wonderfully restored.

Welcome to Idaho Sign

Walking around seems to take you back in time, and the galleries are open to everyone. They have a great collection of the historical displays and the building is even more exciting during holidays and special occasions when the building and the grounds are decorated with deep reds, evergreens, and gold trimmings.

The Old Main Building at Utah State University in Logan

Sitting on top of a hill, the Old Main Building is the first building to be built in the Agricultural College of Utah. It overlooks the city of Logan and is currently the oldest functioning academic building the state. History enthusiasts will love its story. This main building was burned down in 1984, but it was restored to its old glory which makes it a jewel of the campus.

Palace of Gold in Moundsville West Virginia

This unique site can be considered as one of the top religious landmarks in the U.S. It attracts a lot of tourists, especially those who are interested to know more about the Hari Khrisna. This place evokes a sense of calm and serenity. Visitors admire the beauty of the stone and glasswork surrounded by well-maintained lawns and gardens. To the professional eye, the place has a well-planned irrigation system and pipework to keep all the plants lush and bloom in season.

Smithsonian National Museum of American Indians

The building of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian has plenty to showcase on the history and culture of American Indians in North and South America. They have more than 800,000 pieces of Indian artifacts on display and it explores the history of different American Indian groups including Navajo, Apache, and others. The building also has an outdoor garden that allows guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

Maintaining the grounds and gardens of these tourist landmarks keep visitors coming back time and again.

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