Best Ways to Organize and Store Your Power Tools

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Storage is the backbone of an organisation in any warehouse or garage. It helps employees know exactly where a specific item in the inventory is while also keeping essential tools or products safe. Investing in the right storage for your power tools is especially important since these tools are more susceptible to damage by moisture, extreme temperatures or even pressure.

You can achieve this by getting the best tool storage systems designed with power tools in mind. Here are some of the other things you can implement to keep your power tools regardless of whether you are storing them for sale or they are in your daily use inventory.

Get a Storage Unit that Protects the Tools

Go for storage units designed with your tools in mind. Special storage containers for most power tools are made of hard plastic with contours to hold the tool, its power cord, and accessories in place during storage. The container should also have a tight seal that keeps most of the moisture or dust away during storage.

Since most power tools are slightly oiled at their moving points, they can trap dust that will, in turn, abrade hence damaging moving parts if left out in the open. If the tools in question don’t have self-storage units:

  • Go for cabinets with drawers that protect your tools against dust and moisture
  • Don’t pile too many tools onto of each other. Their power cords will not only tangle up into an annoying mess, but the tools can damage each other as you rummage through for what you need
  • You can use plastic bins for makeshift storage but ensure that you organize the tools instead of throwing them blindly into the bin. Closing the bin with a tight lid is a clever extra precaution
  • Avoid cardboard boxes at all costs. They can be damaged by moisture hence putting your tools at risk.
  • Larger tools that can’t fit into your current storage units should be covered in protecting plastic to prevent dust from accumulating

Consider Climate Controlled Storage

Many cordless powered tools run on detachable or inbuilt batteries. These must be stored in the right temperatures to minimise chances of fires or to ensure that the tools work when you call on them. If your warehouse or garage gets extremely hot (above 55F,) consider investing in air-conditioned storage units for such power tools.

Climate control will keep the tools within the specified temperature range hence improving their lifespan and reliability.

Always Organize for Ease of Access


Finally, your tool storage systems should focus on presenting the right tool as fast as possible when you need it. Rummaging through boxes of cordless sanders when looking for an impact drill that you use more often is not only counterproductive but also puts unnecessary strain on rarely used tools.

If you are a selling warehouse, figure out what commodity is on most demand and store it as close to your sellers as possible. If you are a working garage, ensure that your frequently used tools are the most accessible.

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