Clever Design and Layout Ideas for Your Small Office Space

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Startup companies might not have a budget for a glamorous office yet, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have a creative and unique office at all. Don’t you wish to work in a vibrant, neat, and stimulating environment despite the limited space?

Your home office or small office space can definitely use some creative elements. Office furniture shops in London and other cities offer the best pieces for startups, complete with free space planning to maximise the small space.

For a Home Office

In the first stages of your company, you’d most likely use your home as an office. Here are four clever design and layout ideas to consider.

1. “Secret” Home Office

If your headquarters is in your flat, you can turn it into a secret home office by installing sliding doors or anything alike to conceal your office and separate it from your main living area. This will give you privacy when working, especially if you live with roommates or family. Create a spot in there for both eating and working.

2. Office In A Closet

If your closet is fairly livable, you can transform it into a home office using space-saving furniture and wall-mounted shelving units. Accentuate the nook by painting it with a lively color, or using a light-colored wallpaper. Opt for a desk with plenty of spaces underneath, like a console table, to maximise the cramped space.

3. Multipurpose Furniture

Versatile furniture like custom cabinetry will add an element of surprise to your home office. During work hours, you can turn it into your work desk, and after calling it a day, turn it back into your ordinary console table or cabinet.

4. Loft Office

Lofts are incredibly functional areas. Use long desks and arrange them in horizontal rows, attach a whiteboard on the wall for discussions and brainstorming sessions, and hang wall decors and artworks for a pop of artistry and color.


For a Small Office Space

In some cases, renting an office space could be more convenient than using your home. Here are some brilliant ideas for you:

1. Neutral Color Scheme and Wooden Furniture

Who wouldn’t agree that wood patterns are so aesthetically pleasing? Using wood-topped desks make your office elegant and classy, even more so when the office’s color scheme is all-neutral. It brightens up your space, not to mention make it appear larger than it actually is.

2. Floating Desks

Floating desks anchored on a wall will definitely utilise the limited space. Have it custom-built with plenty of storage spaces, but keep the area underneath empty.

3. Cafe-Style Office

A laid-back office layout and design such as one that mimics a cafe can avoid the stifling vibe that some offices emanate. Use standing cafe tables, bar stools, laptop desks, and plush sofas. The open layout allows you and your employees to work anywhere in the office, instead of being stuck in one workstation.

4. Natural Lighting

If you’re renting a space with huge windows and no tall buildings beside it, allow the sunlight into your office to make it bathe in calming, natural light. This can also reduce your electricity bills, as your lighting fixtures will only be useful at night or when the sun is in hiding. The huge windows and natural light also create the illusion of a larger space. To maximise the effect, attach mirrors to the walls to reflect the sunlight.

Promote productivity and motivation among your team members by applying any of these ideas into your startup’s office. With a success-driven team and a great environment, your business will be progressive and triumphant in no time.

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