Digitization for Small Businesses: Steps to Successfully Integrate New Technology

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In the modern world, businesses should adapt, not cling to the old ways, in order to survive.

New technological advancements happen regularly and, for a company run by older folks, it may be difficult to keep up. One survey found that almost half of all small business owners do not utilize technology at its full capacity. Around 13% said that they do not use any technology at all.

This is worrying because bigger competitors are using technology to boost their sales. When small businesses rely on their traditional processes and strategies, they find it challenging to offer similar services to clients. At the end of the day, they fold against more technologically advanced competitors.

What is Digitization?

Digitization is a term that is being thrown around more often nowadays. There are plenty of ways to digitize, some of which are quite easy to execute. One example is going paperless and transferring all important documents to your business computer.

Any modern computer would work, but if you want something that will provide you with functions that can give you an advantage over your competitors, choose devices that are oriented for businesses and business owners. Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of electronics around the world. Their laptops are a favorite for business use because they are sleek, reliable, durable, and they pack business-friendly features. You can find a Lenovo business laptop reseller in your area wherever you are.

Having a powerful computer also allows you to adopt more technologically-advanced strategies. Applying cloud solutions, for example, can help you sort big data and hasten calculations that will otherwise take days, weeks, or even months to complete.

Eliminate Fear of Technology

Using technology that you are not familiar with can be very intimidating. Even young people may feel uncomfortable and lost when they are faced with technology that they have not encountered before. Not everyone is proficient in using computers and digital services.

It will take time before anyone becomes comfortable using technology. The key to overcoming nervousness is by applying these new solutions as slowly as possible. Aside from providing training, be patient with mistakes which will surely happen at some point.

Moreover, as some tasks disappear thanks to technology, there will be concerns over being replaced. Your staff should get the reassurance that the technology the company integrates into everyday processes will make their work easier. There should be advantages for them, not just for the company. If not, morale will be low, productivity will decrease, and people may not be willing to learn and use the expensive equipment and software you acquired for digitalization.

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Involve the Rest of the Team

Management typically makes the decision to digitize, but the staff will be using these pieces of equipment and software programs every single workday. It does not make sense to keep them out of the discussion.

As with any major decision, business owners should seek feedback from their staff. This allows your staff to raise concerns and make suggestions. Their input is important because they know their work better than anyone.

Not all digitization strategies can be applied to all businesses. Some are necessary, but others may create additional steps that slow down regular procedures and processes.


Digitization will improve the business overall. It can boost productivity, generate faster and favorable results, and eliminate bottlenecks that may be slowing down or preventing your growth. However, if not executed correctly, digitization may become an expensive waste of time.

By simply adding technology, you are adding an unnecessary extra step. It will create the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve which is better overall performance. There should be a plan wherein the technology is integrated properly into the process. The task beforehand should flow seamlessly to the new solution and then again to the next step of the process.

Hire Capable Talent

Technology requires skills. Although training your staff will enable them to utilize technology in their daily tasks, you might find yourself needing the help of an expert. Often, digitization also requires adding more people to your team. This is just a reflection of how technology is letting you expand your reach. Acquiring more computers, for example, will give way to the creation of an information technology department to handle electronics and maintain their regular function.

Digitization is not as scary as it seems. As soon as your company integrates and gets used to the use of technology, your every day will run smoothly and all the hard work will pay off.

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