Do You Need an Erosion Control Specialist After a Storm?

Erosion and sediment control measures are practices used to prevent or reduce erosion and sediment transport. Some of the most common erosion control BMPs include fiber mats with biodegradable materials placed on the soil surface to hold the soil in place. Vegetation is the best erosion control BMP because the roots help to hold the soil in place.

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Fiber rolls can also do a good job along the edges of slopes to trap sediment.

Geotextiles are another type of fabric used to prevent erosion. Meanwhile, hydroseeding involves spraying a mixture of seeds, mulch, and water onto the soil surface to establish vegetation. You can also place sediment traps in drainage ditches to trap sediment. For their part, sediment basins collect and store sediment. Another option is installing infiltration trenches filled with gravel to allow water to infiltrate the ground.

The video emphasizes the importance of vegetation as the best erosion control BMP once established and easy to maintain. Vegetation helps to hold soil in place and absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and erosion. It also stresses the importance of routine maintenance for all erosion control BMPs. .

Maintenance activities include removing sediment from rocks or behind berms after large rain events. Regular inspection is essential to ensure that the measures identify potential problems. You’ll find several materials for erosion and sediment control BMPs, including fiber mats. You also find rolls, rock lines, and asphalt ponds.


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