Effectively Market Your Franchise with These Ideas


Franchising has a lot of potential for profit, but it requires a lot of time and effort. You need to do the work and lay the foundation so that it functions like clockwork. You’ll have to collaborate with everyone for your business to succeed.

Experts from a franchise marketing firm or agency cite the following hacks that may push your business to the top.

Implement a Sales Process

The best franchises that have survived and thrived follow a sales process that is easy to implement and duplicate. McDonald’s has a formula that franchisees just use from the layout and design to preparing food to advertising.

Their tried and tested approach has made them into a global brand. You don’t have to be the next McDonald’s; all you need is a sales process that improves productivity and efficiency. Some examples would be is to set a number of minimum calls your agents need to make and how long these should be.

Create outlines or scenarios and how each one in the funnel should respond. Make adjustments depending on the industry you are in.

Consistent Messaging

A franchise needs a strong brand identity to reach a target audience effectively and to win them over. Consistency and relevancy are two words you should know by heart. These provide you with the selling point that transforms casual observers into paying customers.

A consistent message enables you to gain a specific niche in the minds of your audience. Franchises need this to differentiate them from the competition. Use one big idea that drives the idea surrounding your business.

Some franchisees want more latitude to reach their respective audiences, give them that freedom but make sure they follow the main message. Follow a central theme for all your marketing collaterals for both online and offline channels.

Use the same color combinations, tone of messages and brand personas. This approach allows you to build a strong identity.

Use Content Marketing

content marketing

Content should play a prominent role in your campaigns. You’ll need different types to reach today’s audience and improve chances of converting. Use keywords that are relevant on a local level but are still in line with your core identity.

Use these in videos, descriptions, titles and articles to improve your chances of landing on Google’s first page. Diversify your approach by using all content types at your disposal. Videos are the most effective because you can say more and convey an emotional hook that reels customers in.

Use testimonials to show you have actual people recommending your brand.

Go Old School

Online marketing is important, but traditional means can still endear you to your audience. Some appreciate receiving direct mail pamphlets, written letters and hardcopy materials. It is also possible to use this as a differentiation point.

Word of mouth marketing is still an effective way to spread your influence. Incentivize referrals such as extra discounts and exclusive items whenever a customer refers his or her friends.

These are some of the ways to effectively market your franchise. Try these to identify the ideal combination of strategies that work for you.

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