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Your home is the one place you can find refuge after a tiring day from work. Whether it’s catching up on quality sleep in your bedroom or resting your tired back on your living room sofa, you can always count on your home to give you that much-needed relaxation. But you won’t be able to that if your home is cluttered, dark and dreary.

The Bohemian-style decor is now a mainstay on the list of indoor home design ideas. It uses a free-spirited method of mixing colors and textures to invoke calmness and serenity. And one of the elements used to create this look is indoor plants. Any plant nursery in Salt Lake City will say that plants can brighten up any home. So if you’re looking for a fresher way to use greens indoors, these ideas should help:

Succulent Pots

Succulent plants have become more popular these past years. These are plants that grow well indoors because of how easy they are to raise, how neatly they grow in small pots, and how they can quickly brighten any living space. You can place a large container of Aloe Vera in one corner of a room. Or have small terracotta pots of succulents on a shelf with a few books or as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Hanging Plants

Nothing spells freshness better than an indoor hanging plant. A lot of macrame plant hangers can match any Bohemian design. You can also use white pots on black wire hangers for a sleeker look. Or wicker baskets hung up with jute rope for a more organic look. No matter what material you use, you can quickly bring light back into your home by growing greens at height.

Palm Play

There are several species of palm plants that you can mix to create the perfect Tropical-Boho design. You can grow them at different heights and widths to create a lively green corner. Some palm plants have health benefits, which make them one of the best plants to grow indoors. Their slim, pointy leaves match the fresh and carefree character of the Bohemian home.

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Jungle Corner

This plant decor idea allows you to go wild. You can put together several types of plants and strategically place them in a room with a lot of sunlight and floor seating. You can have them in uniform planters or pots of different shapes and sizes as long as you can keep the bright mood of the outdoors and while maintaining the warmth of the indoors.

Scenty Herbs

Planting scented herbs indoors hits three birds with one stone. You’ll be brightening up the place, making the indoor air fresher, and growing your own herbs for your consumption. You can start with the basic mix of mint, basil, and thyme. Once you’ve mastered growing these natural herbs, you can expand your indoor herb garden based on your needs (and wants).

The Bohemian home design can also be considered a lifestyle as most of its elements encourage a sense of freedom to do what makes you feel good. The role of plants in this design is that it absorbs the negative energy in the air, therefore bringing a lighter and fresher mood to both the indoor design and to those who are in it. Try these plant decor ideas in your home, and you’ll see and feel the mood that they can bring in your humble abode.

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