Get a Slice of the Multi-billion-dollar Cottage Food Industry

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If you’re a foodie with dollar signs in your eyes, the American cottage industry is ripe for the taking. With the help of reliable filling equipment manufacturers, you can cash in on the growing healthy eating craze. Americans are making a radical dietary shift in a bid to beat rampant lifestyle disease and improve their health.

With this dietary shift comes a marked preference for small brands and private label manufacturers, creating a thriving cottage food industry. It affords you a chance to introduce the world to your family recipe that’s been passed down for generations. In exchange, you will get a sizeable chunk of the life-changing $20 billion market.

Connect with the right audience

women eating at a restaurantThe American cottage food sector is projected to top the $20 billion mark in 2019. That marks a 400% growth from 2009, testifying to the changing dietary preference among the American public. More Americans have developed a taste for delicious foods that aren’t a market staple. If you can step in a feed this need, you are on your way to creating a thriving food production company.

However, you need to understand the target market and what the people are craving before committing your hard-earned dollars to the endeavor. Luckily, you don’t need a fancy degree from an ivy league school to achieve this feat — only a thick skin, strong will, and highly developed culinary skills. Naturally, you must be willing to go out and solicit for feedback from real people if you’re to start on the right note.

Family and friends make an excellent place to start when looking to test the popularity of your recipes and products. Social functions such as potluck dinners, community meals, pancake breakfasts and concession stand make the excellent testing ground too. They afford you a safe and harmless avenue to present your offerings in front of a diverse group of people.

While such an approach might seem rough, it’s the acid test that can make or break your business. If the crowd loves your offerings, some might outrightly offer to buy some of your products or place an order. If that happens, then you’re off to a flying start.

Step up your production process

Food handling is a delicate process with far-reaching health implications. As such, the government sets high safety standards for food manufacturers. You must toe the line to avoid running afoul of the law and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your customers. You must abide by every safety regulation set by the health authorities if you’re to get the necessary production license. Only then can you put your products to the ready and hungry market and grow your financial fortune.

Luckily, many states are reworking some of the previously draconian regulations that made it challenging to venture into the cottage food industries. You no longer have to jump through impossible hoops to be part of this growing sector. Having the necessary licensure is critical in building consumer confidence in your brand and products.

The American cottage food industry is on an upward swing supported by changing food preference and regulations. If you are a foodie with the right and production equipment, you can take the market by storm and can cash in on this multibillion-dollar industry.

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