From the Ground Up: How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business


Lawn care is a service that most people would rather not have to do themselves. It’s dirty, it’s messy, and it can be time-consuming. But if you want to start your lawn care business, then this is how you get started.

The key to any successful business is understanding what your customers need and providing them with what they want. This article will show you how to attract the right customers and provide them with an excellent experience for them to come back again and again.

1. Create your website

A website is the first place that potential customers will look for you, and it can be a great way to make yourself known. There are plenty of free website services such as and where you can create your own website in less than five minutes with little or no technological background. Make sure your site has good content, your business location and contact information, hours of operation for prospective customers to get in touch with you, and other relevant details about the services you provide.

2. Advertise your business

Advertising is a great way to make yourself known as a provider of lawn care services. Want people to think of you when they need their lawn mowed? Then place an advertisement for your business in the local paper and on community websites, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. Billboards can also be effective advertising tools as people will not only see them but also remember them if you have a catchy slogan or picture that is easy to remember.

3. Network with industry leaders and vendors

The best way to ensure you’re providing the best service and using the latest and greatest equipment and technology is to network with trusted leaders in your industry. Make friends with those at lawn mowing equipment distributors, landscaping companies, and chemical suppliers, as they will keep you up-to-date on everything that can help your business. They will also recommend you to their best clients when they need someone for lawn care.

Suppose you want to expand beyond taking care of your clients’ lawn. You can even go as far as landscaping or tree maintenance for your local forest service. In that case, it’s a great idea to network with an expert arborist in your area. That way, you’ll learn what’s new in tree maintenance.

4. Go to trade shows and expositions

lawn mower

If there are local trade shows or expos, go check them out. You’ll be able to talk with lawn care equipment manufacturers who may give you free samples of the latest and greatest products, as well as lawn care professionals who can give you tips on how to start and run your business. You can also find new customers by exhibiting your services at these events.

5. Give out free estimates

Many people are hesitant to hire a service without getting an estimate first. This is your opportunity to let potential customers know that you’re serious about your services and that you’re offering them at a competitive rate. It also gives you the opportunity to find out what the customer is expecting from their lawn care service provider so that you can deliver on exactly that when it comes time for your work to begin.

6. Create a strong customer following

The best way to make sure that customers return is by giving them the service they want every time. Make sure you get your rates right according to what other similar companies charge in your area. Customers tend to compare prices between different services before making their final decision, so research carefully what your competitors are offering and how much they’re charging their customers.

7. Build rapport with your customers

No matter how great your service is, it won’t be appreciated if the customer feels like you don’t care about their property. It’s important to stay in contact with customers even after you finish your work for them. You can let them know about any new services or deals that you offer and send them regular newsletters so that they don’t forget about you.

Make sure you take the time to get to know them and their preferences for their lawn. Showing that you’re interested in their needs will make them more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family.

Building a customer base for your lawn care service business can be a daunting task. But if you follow these seven simple steps, you’ll be on your way to success. Remember to always keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities to promote your business and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.

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