Learning About the Growing Trends in the Manufacturing Industry


The manufacturing industry is considered to be one of the largest industries in the US. Currently, the industry is responsible for 11% of the overall economy, which is valued at around $2.3 trillion. It’s also responsible for hiring 8% of the overall workforce in the US. The average annual salary of workers from this industry is estimated to be around $80,000.

These statistics show how important the manufacturing industry is for the US. It is responsible for such a big chunk of the economy that everyone relies on to make a good living. Because of this, the manufacturing industry continues to grow every year. Reports estimated that the overall sector is expected to increase by 6% this year. This growth is attributed to the various trends that are revolutionizing the industry.

These trends are making the industry more efficient when it comes to products. As a business owner or a future entrepreneur who plans to penetrate the sector, you need to know these trends. Here are some growing trends in the US manufacturing industry.

Efficiency Is Key

The manufacturing industry is running on the idea of efficiency. Without efficiency, this particular industry will fall. We have been finding ways to increase the efficiency of this industry ever since the very start. But there was a difference from how we did things before to the things we do now. Before, we relied on changing how individual workers performed in the factory line. This led to the creation of the division of labor. However, today we no longer depend on how individual workers perform. Today we rely on technology to work for us, such as artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

When we talk about efficiency, one technology goes into everyone’s mind: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence or also known as AI has been around for many years. Its formal invention was in 1956 when experts coined the term. But its existence has been known to many people ever since Alan Turning invented the Turing machine. It’s crazy to think that the first existence of AI was used to fight a war and that today it is being used for many businesses in the manufacturing industry to profit. But that’s just the way how technology works in the world nowadays.

AI is helping various manufacturing companies function more efficiently by collecting and analyzing data faster than before. They also regulate how multiple machines in the industry function by giving them tasks to accomplish while also managing the day-to-day task of various living individuals. AI does this in a blink of an eye. It is no wonder that it’s one of the main technologies helping the manufacturing industry grow today. AI might play a big role with multiple purposes. But no other device helps machines function more efficiently than air compressor filters.

Air Compressor Filters

Machines are the backbone of the manufacturing industry today, and the efficiency of various machines in the manufacturing industry relies on a good air compressor filter. This particular device helps various particles that may contaminate the compressed air used by pneumatic machines. It even helps regulate various systems that use compressed air to function. Contaminants in compressed air have been known to hinder the efficiency of most machines in the industry. Thankfully, filters have been evolving throughout the years. Many of these filters nowadays can catch all kinds of contaminants, many of which are invisible to the naked eye. These filters have made pneumatic machines in the manufacturing industry ever more efficient.

One of the things that air compressor filters have also been responsible for is robots. These robots are also held responsible for the growth of the manufacturing industry.


The dawn of robots has arrived. We are now in an age where robots roam our homes and companies, doing all the monotone tasks for us as efficiently as possible. The manufacturing industry thanks to these robots because human work in the industry would be so much more dangerous without them.

Manufacturing robots are responsible for doing repetitive tasks. Some of these tasks are deemed to be dangerous for any human to handle. Alongside the collaboration of AI, these robots function most optimally and efficiently possible. The best part about these robots is that they can work 24/7. There are now manufacturing companies that work overnight, with little need for human supervision. This has increased the efficiency of the industry by two-fold. No one ever knew that this was possible, but because of robots, it became a reality.

These are some technologies that are currently shaping and revolutionizing the manufacturing industry today. Without these technologies, we would only be as efficient as our human brains would allow. But because of our ability to build and use tools, we have now created technologies that have helped us function twice as efficiently before.

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