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The United States has one of the busiest airspaces in the world. It’s estimated that the country has  45,000 flights daily . This equals billions of dollars in revenue. The airline industry is crucial to the economy’s growth because it brings revenue to the country and manpower. However, increased air traffic comes with more problems. One particular concern is where to store all those planes.

The United States is home to  over 200,000 planes . During the pandemic, thousands of aircraft had to be grounded, leading to a shortage of storage space. As a result, the industry had to develop innovative solutions, such as using remote deserts and military bases. But this has led to overcrowding. In addition, as more private planes enter the industry, there is a new need for storage space.

This is where hangar services come in. As a storage provider, you can offer a solution to the airline industry’s current problem. Not only will this bring in profits for your business, but it’s also a chance to help an industry in dire need of assistance. Here are five reasons why you should start a hangar service business.

Increasing Demand

As stated earlier, there are thousands of planes in the United States. However, that number is going to keep increasing. The private aircraft industry alone is estimated to be worth $27 billion. And with more people opting for private flights, the demand for storage space will only continue to grow.

Offer Different Services

Your hangar service business can offer storage, maintenance, and fueling services. This allows you to bring in even more revenue while catering to your clients’ needs.

A Growing Industry

Despite recent challenges, the airline industry is expected to rebound and grow in the coming years. That means there will be a need for new storage space and maintenance services. By starting a hangar service business now, you’ll be ahead and ready to take advantage of this growth.

Potential Government Contracts

Government contracts can bring in a steady stream of revenue for your business. These contracts typically involve storing and maintaining government-owned planes, creating a reliable source of income.

Help the Economy

The airline industry plays a vital role in the economy. Your business can contribute to its growth and success by providing storage and maintenance services. Essentially, you are helping to keep the industry running smoothly and effectively.

Starting a hangar service business is an excellent opportunity for profits and helping out an essential industry. Consider offering this solution to the growing demand and needs of the airline industry today. Here are some essentials you’ll need when starting one.

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You can’t store planes if you don’t have a place to do so. This means finding and purchasing or leasing a hangar. You should look out for three things when finding the proper hangar. First, ensure it has enough space for the type and number of planes you plan to store. Second, check if it includes amenities like electrical hookups and fueling stations. And finally, consider its location. Is it easily accessible for your clients? Ensure that the hangar is located near airfields or anywhere people can land.


The next step is to invest in the equipment needed for your daily operations. Here are three of the essential equipment you’ll need:

Aircraft Tugs

You can’t move planes without these powerful vehicles. They are necessary for maneuvering planes in and out of the hangar and around the airfield. A  robust electric aircraft tug  can bring planes from one place to another. It can also tow planes with a maximum weight of up to 50,000 pounds. These are essential if you want to land on some government contracts.

Maintenance Tools

Proper maintenance is crucial for the safety and functionality of planes. This means investing in tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and drills for minor repairs. You may also need larger equipment for more significant tasks like engine overhauls or structural repairs.

Fuel Dispensers

Offering fueling services requires the proper equipment. This can range from small, portable fuel tanks to large dispensers for refueling multiple planes.

Trained Workers

Finally, you’ll need a team of trained and skilled workers. This includes mechanics for maintenance and repairs, as well as staff for customer service and daily operations. Having a team that can handle the tasks necessary for your hangar service business to run smoothly and effectively is essential.

Starting a hangar service business is a great way to increase profits while helping out an industry in need. By offering storage, maintenance, and fueling services, you can cater to the growing demand and conditions of the airline industry. Make sure to have the essentials, like a hangar and equipment, before beginning your new venture.

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