Accepting Clients at Home: Three Ways to Have Client-worthy Meetings

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have embraced the notion that there’s no need to leave their homes every day to go to work. Our homes become more than just a living space, but it has accommodated almost everything we need.

For instance, those living in condominium units have put extra attention in their homes by doing house remodeling or adding an indoor garden space. Others go the extra mile by inquiring for quotes from condo insurance agencies to protect their homes from perils and personal liabilities.

Physical distancing protocols have also forced many small business owners to do their business at home. This led them to put up a home-based business to maintain an office space without having to rent. They found this more convenient and economical since they don’t have to pay the overhead costs often involved when running a business.

While this approach brings convenience and efficiency, having a business right in your home can be pretty challenging. In fact, not everyone is willing to do business and accept clients at home, especially if their house is not a great fit to accept visitors. To help you with this, here are ways to create a client-friendly home-based business.

Keep distractions away

If you have children at home, doing business can be difficult. It becomes more challenging if the children are still young because you have to attend to their every need while keeping a close eye on them at all times.

Children, especially small ones, tend to greet or interrupt clients during meetings. They’ll do both of these things if you fail to train them not to.

The same goes for owning pets. Some homeowners love to have pets inside their homes, but this isn’t always right in certain situations. Pets can be quite unpredictable; they sometimes make noises, shout, play, and jump, causing disruptions that can lead to embarrassment. While they seem cute and cuddly, letting a pet in during a meeting seems informal. Some have different reactions towards pets that range from fear, annoyance, and having allergic reactions.

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If you’re planning to accept clients in your home, keep children and pets away. Don’t let them roam around the house and make unnecessary noises. Pets and little kids have certain reactions when meeting strangers; so it’s best to keep them in one area of the house, away from the client’s presence.

Aside from pets and children, it’s also important to notify other people at home to not distract you while at a meeting. Hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door will prevent family members from knocking at the door or turning the doorknob when the clients are in. Also, don’t forget to do some regular cleaning to get rid of pet hair. You’ll never know if you have clients allergic to pets.

Keep everything clear and visible

If you have a large house, the last thing you want is to have clients lost their way inside. Your house is not something out of a celebrity house tour where everyone can explore every part of it. When accepting clients at home, clients should never go around your living space.

Some homeowners choose to have their home office in the farthest area of the house. While this gives them that much-needed privacy, it can cause inconvenience when inviting clients over.

Clients should reach the meeting room quickly without obstructions. Don’t let clients climb up the stairway and pass through several passages before they reach the meeting room. Remove any safety hazards, from scattered toys, dogs, dark corridors, and slippery floors or walkways.

If you can’t put up a nearby meeting room in the house, a great tip is to put up arrow signs to lead them to your home office. You may also assign someone in the house or escort the clients yourself to lead them to the right destination as smoothly as possible.

Put extra effort into the decor

When doing business at home, appropriate house decoration should be top of your list. Home decors can go a long way to keep your meetings more alive and inviting. They also make great conversation starters to give you and your clients something to talk about besides work.

But be extra careful when choosing the right decors for your home office. Avoid offensive, distasteful, or any decor that will distract the client’s view. When picking decors, choose the ones that project a professional image for your business. This can be abstract paintings, relaxing scenery, or classic sculptures.

The success of doing a home-based business lies in how you keep your work and domestic life separate without interfering with the other. Remember, clients come to your home to do business, so it’s important to make a great first impression that will reflect the overall image of your product and services offered.

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