Heavy Equipment: The Most Common Construction Equipment Used

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Different types of construction equipment have different functions. If you’re a contractor or are thinking of going into the construction business, there are some basic equipment you should consider investing in. Good thing, many dump trucks, graders, and diggers are available for sale in NZ and Australia. Depending on the type of project, you will see some or all of the following heavy equipment on site:

8 Types of Heavy Equipment Usually Found on Construction Sites


1. Excavators

Excavators, or diggers, are some of the most used heavy machinery in any construction project. These are usually found during the first stages of construction as they are used to dig trenches and foundations. These are also used for excavating large holes and channels into the ground.

2. Backhoe

A backhoe is a piece of multipurpose heavy equipment that is common to almost all construction sites. These can be used for excavating and loading, unloading, or lifting material to different heights.

3. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are used for excavating shallow levels up to a certain point. It removes or pushes massive quantities of soil and other material to help clear the area. There are two types of dozers: track dozers and wheel dozers. What you might need will depend on the priorities of your project.

4. Graders

Graders, or motor graders, are large pieces of machinery that are mainly used to level the ground for road construction. They can also function similarly to dozers and remove and push topsoil or snow.

5. Tower Cranes

For the construction of taller buildings and skyscrapers, tower cranes are a constant sight to see. These are fixed cranes used to hoist construction materials (concrete blocks, frames, steel pipes, etc.) up to different heights and levels.

6. Dump Trucks

One of the most common pieces of heavy machinery you will find in any building or excavating project is a dump truck. These are used to transport massive quantities of materials, such as soil, sand, and gravel, from one location to another.

7. Loaders

Loaders are called just that because they help load materials onto trucks and dumpers among other things. Its bucket can carry different types of materials such as soil, demolition waste, rocks, raw materials, and a lot more. Like a bulldozer, they come in tracked or wheeled forms. While the most common loaders are wheeled, tracked loaders are used for areas wheeled loaders cannot reach.

8. Compactors

Excavators Clearing Sand For Roadworks

Compactors are also known as rollers. These machines are used to press and compact material or the ground. The type of compactor you will need will depend on the nature of the task at hand. A landfill compactor is ideal if you’re working with waste. On the other hand, a soil compactor works best if you’re working with soil and dirt.

These different types of heavy equipment are the ones used in most construction projects along with some other special equipment. Having quick access to these helps make the work easier and speed up the completion of the project.

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