How to Change Your Office’s Look to Maximize Efficiency

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It’s hard to fight the Monday blues, but you have a problem in your hands when it’s Friday and you still suffer from the same. Maybe it’s not you; maybe it’s your office space.

Increasing office productivity is a perennial problem for most executives. Throwing office pizza parties or organizing team-building activities might work temporarily, but eventually, everyone’s back to the same humdrum.

Is there a permanent solution to this? That remains plausible. For now, here are some subtle solutions:


A small and suffocating cubicle will hamper everyone’s productivity. If your business is based in Salt Lake City, you can find dynamic solutions to office cubicle problems. You can go for a traditional partitioned look for deep work or an open office-style aesthetic that lets them work loose.

Don’t forget to let your employees personalize their space. Give them the liberty to inspire and motivate themselves with their customized nook.

Ergonomic solutions

Next, explore more ergonomic solutions to your otherwise distressing furnishings. There has been a lot of hype surrounding stability balls as office chairs, but studies show that they achieve the opposite. Nonetheless, a flat comfortable chair that’s as high as your head and can be adjusted and reclined is your best bet.

Invest in wrist rests. A snug foam beneath your wrists will reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also invest in standing desks so that your team can work while maintaining proper posture.

Stimulate your employee’s senses

Make it a point to improve the office’s overall ambiance. Start with improving their sight. Open more windows to let more light in. If you’re a few floors up, consider fitting floor-to-ceiling mirrors so that more light can spread around the room.

Next, work on reducing the noise. Offer noise-cancellation earphones to workers who practice deep work. You can also play ambient “white noise” music like jazz songs or nature sounds to boost concentration.

Then, work on your office’s smell. Explore aromatherapy. Invest in good essential oils diffuser that can circulate soothing or energizing fragrances like lavender or chamomile.

Create customized rooms

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Open-office spaces tend to incorporate rooms with specific functions to boost their worker’s productivity. Aside from your staple pantry, experiment with having lounges or break rooms, meditation rooms, game rooms, or maybe even an exercise room.

Outline each room’s purpose. Are they for quiet thinking, brainstorming, or recreational use? Use these spaces to get insight on how time is managed and to define where work is best done.

Redefine your company rituals

Sometimes, the best fix isn’t external – it’s slowly shifting the company culture for the better.

If you often see your members de-motivated, then try to be more encouraging. Hear them out. Create outlets for them to sound off ideas, even though they’re unrelated to the task at hand.

You can also more deeply express your appreciation. Celebrate small victories like learning how to solve one problem quicker, or taking on a new skill. Treat them on a random day just because.

Ultimately, just remember to not try too hard. Trying to make drastic changes to the workspace or forcing a friendly and upright stance might actually do the opposite. There will be good and bad days at work. What’s important is that they always clock in with a purpose.

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