How to Ensure Your Hotel Staff Act Professionally

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A hotel is considered to be excellent based on a lot of different factors. Simply having the best location with the fanciest decor is not enough. Every aspect of your hotel conveys a message to customers. Part of any holistic endeavour to improve the quality of service of your hotel should be to have the best, professional staff who will elevate the experience for customers.

The importance of having well-trained staff cannot be stressed enough. No matter how good your hotel is, if customers are not treated to great customer service during their stay, it will leave a negative impression in their minds. This will also be reflected in your reviews and ratings, and it will affect your business. Here are some ways to ensure that your hotel staff act as professionally as possible:

Make sure that they are dressed smartly

Having proper corporate uniforms is extremely important in any New Zealand corporate event or institution. Your hotel staff should wear a uniform that reflects the elegance and class of your hotel and hint at the quality of service customers will receive. Make sure that the uniforms are designed in a subtle but thoughtful way. For both the comfort of your staff and the image of your hotel, the uniforms should not be made out of cheap material. The ideal material is breathable and appropriate for long hours of work. They should be simple and not too over the top while also polished enough to be appropriate for formal, black-tie events. Ensure that all staff pay attention to small details such as shoes, socks, and cufflinks.

A friendly demeanour makes all the difference

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Needless to say, the old cliche of the haughty service staff is called a cliche for a good reason. In today’s world, your hotel staff should be friendly and available to customers at all times. During the selection process among your applicants, make sure to pay special attention to how the applicants carry themselves. Warm, friendly concierges and waiters put guests at ease immediately. In rare cases, when you have to inconvenience them, such as if you have run out of a particular wine, they will be much more likely to be understanding.

Train hotel staff on using the latest technology

Make sure that your hotel staff are up to date with the latest technology. If you have a live performance management system, your staff can be supervised while on the job. Make sure that you use all kinds of interactive technology available to address their needs and concerns on an ongoing basis. Training them on the latest technology will cut wait times for everyone, make your staff more efficient, and make the whole experience much smoother for your guests.

The most important thing for any hotel business is to make sure that the customer feels valued and important at all times. What really distinguishes a mediocre hotel from a world-class one is the behaviour of the staff, who operate with utmost professionalism and discretion at all times.

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