How to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Workplace Safety Measures

The workplace is one of the few places where accidents can occur. The likelihood of an accident-related incident doubles if it is an industrial firm where employees need to operate machines on a regular basis. Those who work in laboratories have a heightened risk of being injured due to chemicals and other work-related hazards.

According to statistics, there have already been 23,825 cases of slips, trips, and falls in November 2018 alone, which makes 22.40% of total claims. Hence, safety is one of the priorities among companies, and it is essential not to skip measures that keep the workplace safe and conducive to productivity. Here are a few ways to improve safety at work:

Have a Safety Plan in Place

One way to combat work-related accidents is to make employees aware of the hazards and have the right equipment in case of fires or other emergencies. Look for manufacturers of safety products who can cater to your needs. Choose one accredited by the local governing body to ensure globally approved safety standards.

Practice Orderliness and Cleanliness

A messy workplace attracts accidents the most. Everyone at work must make it a habit to keep their workstation clean to avoid accidents, such as slips, falls, and cuts, which are typically brought about by equipment lying around. There should be a designated room for materials and instructions on how to properly turn off and put away equipment. Employees need to be trained to follow a standard procedure on operating machines used for production. If the equipment is hazardous, proper instructions must be in place.

Efficient Manpower

Overpopulated workplaces and overworked staff are a good recipe for accidents. It is essential for human resources or the operations manager to plan the needed manpower ahead of time to avoid too many people working long hours. Overworked and tired employees lack focus, and overused machines are more likely to overheat or malfunction. If possible, schedules should be planned at least a month or two in advance.

Workplace Safety Measures to avoid accidents

Check and Maintain Equipment

Machines and vehicles need to be maintained on a regular basis to avoid any accident. Failing to do so can easily result in a malfunction. Make sure to set the dates on your calendar so that you will not miss them. Keep the manufacturer’s warranty and other vital documents in a safe place in case you might need them for repairs or replacements.

Conduct Safety Inspections

Avoid lost man-hours and injuries in the workplace by having a safety officer conduct an inspection and training session. A highly trained professional can spot accidents that are waiting to happen in the facility, as well as educate the staff on safety preparedness.

In the end, there are a lot of ways to avoid accidents in the workplace. It is important to be consistent in practising safety so that everyone can make it a habit. This will not only prevent potential accidents but also help improve productivity. If you need more suggestions, do not hesitate to ask for professional help.

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