How to Improve Your Daily Commute

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Commutes can be the most stressful part of anyone’s day. In some cases, it might even be more stressful than work itself. Over the past few months, most people have had to shift to work from home set-ups. Now that most states are easing up on lockdown rules, the daily grind returns and so does your hellish commute. If your commute has got you down, here are a few simple tricks you can incorporate in your life to make it less stressful:

Change your method

If you’re sick of getting stuck in your car for hours in traffic, why not consider investing in a bike or a motorcycle? You’ll not only get a bit of a workout, but you’ll also be significantly speeding up your commute. Just make sure to be careful out on the road. Cyclists and bikers are prone to vehicular accidents, so it’s important to equip yourself with the proper safety gear and to stay alert. You’ll also benefit from having a bicycle or motorcycle injury attorney on call to protect you in case of an emergency.

Practice meditation

Calm down your road rage by practicing some mindfulness meditation. This will make the time fly by while also allowing you to start your day off on a good note. There are plenty of ways to pick up and cultivate this habit. You can start with simple breathing exercises, or you can use an app, podcast, or audiobook to help guide you in your first few sessions until you can do it on your own.

Take a new route

woman on the trainYour commute could benefit from a change of scenery. Map out possible alternative routes to see if there are less troublesome avenues that you can take to get to your office or school. A couple of minutes shaved off and some new sights to see can make a world of difference.

Leave home earlier

This might take a little getting used to, but it’s worth it in the long run. Rather than being constantly late and having to fight through the morning rush, start leaving your home a few minutes earlier. If you have trouble waking up earlier, you can try optimizing the speed at which you get through your morning routine. Try showering at night, packing your breakfast, and having your coffee in the office instead.

Curate your listening playlist

Your commute is the perfect time to keep your ears and mind occupied. Besides creating a playlist of all your favorite music, you can also entertain yourself with podcasts and audiobooks to pass the time. You’ll be able to keep yourself both amused and educated.

Try out carpooling

Carpooling with co-workers or friends is a great way to keep your commute fresh and hassle-free. It’s also good for the environment. This is a great option for you if you’re a social butterfly who enjoys being in the company of other people, but not so much if you’re a bit of an introvert who prefers your own solitude. It’s just a matter of preference.

Commutes can be incredibly draining, but they can be tolerable with just a few adjustments. These simple tips will help you improve your commute so you can get the most of the rest of your day.

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