How to Keep Your Welders Safe


Welding can be a beneficial process in construction and manufacturing. However, it is not without its dangers, especially to the ones doing the welding. With the various factors involved, you can expect that anyone not careful around welding equipment to get hurt. Here’s how to ensure that your workers and those around them are safe:

Always Read the Manual

Welding machines come with manuals. There are different welding machines out there, and they operate in different ways. This is why you need to look at the manuals that come with them. Most of these manuals have details on how to adequately protect yourself from the dangers of the machine. Anyone who plans to operate the welding machine needs to have read a copy of the manual. If you’ve lost it, then you can often ask the company for a PDF copy of it. Never let anyone who has not read the manual use the machine.

Cover Yourself

Some of the main dangers of welding are the sparks and the ultraviolet rays generated by the welding arc. These have adverse effects on your skin, so it is in your best interest to cover up completely. Even if it seems hot, it is better to be sweaty than getting a burn. This also applies to anyone who is near the welder. Have everything buttoned up and eliminate any cuff where sparks can fall into.

Have the Proper Gear

Besides fully covering yourself, you are going to need welding safety gear. This is mainly a helmet and gloves. You should also wear flame-resistant clothing so that no sparks will cause your clothes to go up in flames. Heavy gloves are the best for handling the welder. This ensures that you won’t get burned or be uncomfortable because of your proximity to the heat. Additionally, if you are handling freshly welded material, you need to use pliers to ensure that you are safe.

Have Good Ventilation

One of the problems with welding is that it produces a variety of fumes and gasses. Most of them are toxic. This is why you need your welding area to be adequately ventilated. If these fumes accumulate, you can expect adverse effects on your health, so ensure that you will have clean, breathable air during welding. You might also want to wear a respirator for some materials.

Avoid the Light

welding construction

The most prominent feature of welding is the bright light that comes from the welding torch. Never look at it directly. If you need to, you will need to do so behind the dark glasses of your helmet. Filter shades ensure that eyes are protected from the flare and the glare of the light.

Remove the Clutter

Considering you are wearing awkward protective gear, you need to have your work area clear of clutter. This helps reduce accidental falls and slips.

In the end, welding injuries can be devastating and even fatal. You need to heed the tips above so that your workers will be as safe as possible.

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