Increasing Customer Reach: What Can You Do?

Customer retention keeps businesses afloat; expanding customer reach ensures that a business thrives, succeeds, and earns a profit. Because of this, companies get into many strategies to increase their clientele. Here are some ways helping companies accomplish the task:

Digital marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies are one of the ways businesses can extend their customer reach. This involves the use of social media as well as email, video, and influencer marketing. Using different digital strategies is crucial in reaching a broad demographic that will help your business succeed.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital strategy that sends out personalized email messages to subscribers. By using this strategy, businesses can improve customer engagement as well as answer specific customer needs.

Influencer marketing

On the other hand, influencer marketing uses influencers’ reach to promote their brands. Influencers have their followers’ trust; their recommendations will be highly regarded and respected by their followers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing makes it easy for customers to digest information through visual content. Sample of video marketing content are explainers, testimonials, and tutorials. Companies can use social media sites like Facebook and TikTok to upload their video content.

Content Marketing

Videos can be an example of content. However, content marketing refers more to published content and blogs posted on websites. To have a more effective content marketing strategy, businesses must center on unique topics and produce valuable content.

Building communities

Creating online communities like building a Telegram community is another place where businesses can widen their reach to customers. Through online communities, companies can request visitors and members to answer short surveys. Some people are more than happy to share their experiences about a service or product online.

It is a two-way street. Through online communities, members and potential customers can ask business queries regarding their professional services.

Offline marketing strategies

Offline marketing refers to strategies that use traditional media. Traditional media includes television, radio, and print. Events can be a form of offline marketing strategy as well.

Though online marketing strategies are used by most businesses, offline practices are still extremely helpful. Combining both online and offline strategies make marketing even more effective. Aside from TV, radio, and print, other cost-effective offline methods are using business cards, pamphlets, and flyers, as well as community engagement.

A business card is one of the cheapest offline marketing options a business can choose. It can be easily handed out to people and can be easily transported anywhere. Donating to charities can also be a part of offline marketing strategy; it helps businesses establish relationships with the public and the community.

Combining offline and online

Forbes suggests unifying offline and online strategies to enhance customer reach. One way to effectively combine the two approaches is by creating a single focus. It means that both online and offline marketing must have the same content.

Moreover, offline marketing materials can contain your company’s online information. Recently, most businesses have been using QR codes to link customers to the company website.

Cross-Promotion Strategy

Online marketing can be used in a company’s big offline marketing plans. For example, a company planning a launch or a big television promotion can use social media sites to promote the big event. Websites may contain a countdown of offline promotions to create noise and generate excitement among audiences.

Custom Tracking URLs

It does not always happen that all customers see online and offline campaigns. To track if offline campaigns are effective, businesses can use custom tracking URLs. These URLs are unique; these URLs can tell companies if those who saw the offline campaigns went ahead to visit the website.

Through custom tracking URLs, a company can be informed of how effective offline strategies are and which ones, in particular, can direct audiences to the website.

Customer Service

Aside from offline and online marketing strategies, widening customer reach involves outstanding customer service and support. Customer feedback significantly affects future clients; positive customer feedback does not only retain customers but attracts more clients. On the other hand, a negative one will cause loss of clients as well as potential ones.

Working with professionals

For those who may be just starting in the industry, seeking expert advice is recommended. Experts can inform you about the right strategies in establishing customer trust. They are most likely to be more updated with the recent trends and connected with the proper channels to boost your company’s customer reach.

Whatever strategy a company chooses, it is essential to be informed to formulate the right ways to reach a wider demographic.

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