Innovative Trends in Commercial and Residential Flooring


One of the sought-after improvements in any residential or commercial building is the flooring. A good flooring system is an important investment that enhances the beauty of any space. If it gets damaged, it may hamper the overall functionality of the building; that’s why many construction companies invest in floor protection solutions such as lift diapers and durable floor coverings to protect the clients’ flooring.

While it’s essential to maintain the quality of clients’ floors, it’s also important that you’re updated with the latest trends to know how to deal with each type of flooring and, more importantly, to cater to more customers. Here are some emerging trends in residential and commercial flooring systems:

Magnetic Flooring

A magnetic floor features a secure bond between the magnetic subfloor and underlayment. The bottom part has small iron pieces that allow the surface to stick together. The magnets form a secure bond in the finished flooring that locks it into place.

It’s a simple and effective solution for commercial and residential flooring as it’s cost-effective, and the designs can be changed multiple times. It’s also recommended to use in warehouses because of its ability to withstand heavy loads – even forklifts.

Magnetic flooring is also an eco-friendly choice to all sustainability advocates because it lasts longer and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, reducing the need for constant replacement and sending a ton of waste to the landfills.

Leather Flooring

Leather flooring is generally made up of tiles with a cork or stoneware base and calfskin top, treated with herbal formulations for enhanced durability. Due to its acoustic-enhancing features, it’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, screening rooms, or theaters. Its installation is similar to laminate flooring, but it requires careful maintenance.

It’s also excellent for nautical and aviation applications because it features natural fire-retardant properties. Genuine leather flooring is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for gyms or dressing rooms. It can be customized to achieve various looks, from formal to casual, traditional to contemporary, and elegant to rustic. There’s a wide range of sizes, colors, types, and installation methods to choose from, perfect to suit the needs of any commercial and residential space.

Leather floors feature remarkable qualities such as high resilience and less environmental impact. They are cool in summer and warm in winter and require little maintenance as they can be easily repaired in case of any damage. The material comes as the direct byproduct of the meat industry, so it has less impact on the environment and doesn’t require additional resources.

Metal Flooring

metal flooring

Metal floors are one of the most efficient flooring solutions due to the material’s adaptability and resilience. They are easy to install and can withstand any weather conditions, perfect for industrial or commercial needs such as warehouses and other workspace structures.

Since metal features great structural strength, there’s guaranteed stability and high impact resistance in any building. It won’t easily crack, dent, decay, or shrink, extending the longevity of the flooring system.

Glass Flooring

Impact-resistant glass floors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also feature good insulation properties. They conserve heat in a room that saves lots of energy, so there’s a significant decrease in heating bills. Many glass floors are resistant to water and fire, offering additional protection.

They are also guaranteed to be sturdy and can handle a good foot traffic. They are made using processed glass up to five times stronger than a standard glass, which also features an anti-slip surface to ensure security. One of the most common types of glass used in flooring is tempered glass, known to lower the risk of any impact-related damage.

If a tempered glass floor breaks on rare occasions, it won’t shatter into sharp pieces. It will break away into small pieces, so injuries are minimized.

Glass floors have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a place as they allow light to easily flow around the rooms, making them more attractive. People are interested in this unique flooring that allows for breathtaking views, especially if the floor is on a higher level looking down.

Another great advantage of glass flooring is it’s easy to clean – a light mop and a quick wipe are enough to add instant sparkle to any building. Floors are one of the hardest to maintain for interior upkeep, but it’s not the case with glass floors. They are resistant to mildew, dust, and stains and can handle everyday wear and tear.

These flooring trends will surely be on top of many customer lists, so it’s important to be updated with these innovations. Keep up with the latest changes in design, materials, safety, and other factors to consistently provide quality service and get ahead of the competition.

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