Why Investing in Your Home Is More Important than Your Wedding

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So you and your partner have decided to settle down and take your relationship to the next level by being officially husband and life. More importantly, legally husband and wife. On that note, have you decided on your house and how you’re going to pay for it? Unless you’re as rich as the Professor in Money Heist Part 3, you can easily have both a grand wedding and a grand house with no problem.

The least you can do is be as smart on your decisions as the Professor is smart on planning the heist. If you value your money and hard work, planning a grand wedding might not be for you. This makes a house to be your top priority.

Important Reasons You Should Prioritize Your Home Rather than Your Wedding

  • A house lasts a lifetime.

A house or a property to your name lasts a lifetime. You can enjoy it as much as you pay for it consistently. Once you get out of the mortgage, it’ll make a much bigger difference in your life. Meanwhile, a wedding only lasts a day, and it won’t even matter as you get older. Do you know what matters when you get old? A house and financial stability.

Although this doesn’t mean that a wedding is a waste of money, you can save more money by having a simple and minimal one, while the rest of your money goes to creating and beautifying your home, perhaps on a joint loan or credit. And if you decide to have kids, more money can go into their educational plan or other life insurances.

  • A house takes more time to prepare for.

It takes a while to prepare for a house. There are salaries, job stability, credit scores, getting approved for a house loan. What about other loans to still pay for? Have you settled them? Buying a house takes an indescribable amount of courage, effort, and responsibility.

Stressing out about your wedding will not help. If you have already applied for a personal loan for your future wedding, you can probably refinance it for your house instead. You can ask for help from lenders or advisers for mortgage refinancing.

  • Investing in a house is more stable.

Knock on wood. If your relationship with your partner doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have an ongoing loan for a house, and you can decide to live in it whether or not you got married. Your relationship might not have worked out. However, you still have the house under your name.

On a positive note, many couples are stronger than ever if they’ve decided to get a house. Getting a house together adds more to the commitment than a wedding ever will. Especially nowadays, a wedding doesn’t always equal full and undivided commitment.

  • A wedding isn’t the most important thing in a marriage.

You will have many significant milestones with your partner other than your wedding. Instead of thinking of your wedding day as the most important day in your life, think of it as just the beginning of more important days to come, like the birth of your children, your road trips, your international trips. The day you would overcome a life crisis together as a family.

Let’s face it. Most grand weddings are just for show. Well, then, isn’t it more important to show the world that you and your partner will last a lifetime through thick and thin? Make the most of your wedding day and enjoy it. But don’t refer to it as the only important thing in your and your partner’s relationship.

Financial Planning Before Marriage

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This doesn’t mean that a couple can’t have both a wedding and a house. Some people can indeed do both, but for most, you must choose one goal and delay the rest until you can make them happen little by little. You can’t have everything. You probably can, just not all at the same time.

A way to do this is to plan your funds before you get married. Planning to start a life together means a financial plan first. Couples should plan and think about possible issues that could ruin their happy ending. Not planning means a higher chance of not only your money but also your relationship as well.

Of course, it will not be easy. Nothing is, anyway. But financial planning before marriage is like buying life insurance. It’s better to be patient than to face more problems in the future, which will test more of your patience plus more stress.

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