Is it Time For a Divorce? Things To Ponder and Accomplish Before Taking the Leap

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Challenges are an integral part of a marriage. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and unfortunately, not many couples can survive the ugly, dimmer side. In worst cases, domestic abuse is involved, and the victim doesn’t always have the privilege of a choice to leave the marriage immediately. But there are also cases in which misconduct doesn’t explicitly occur. Rather, it’s more like both parties have lost interest in the marriage, and are simply living together for the sake of comfort or their children.

It’s hard to find meaning in a marriage that’s no longer sustained, even more so if your spouse hasn’t been doing anything to close your distance. You ultimately have to decide whether to stay and save the marriage or file for a no-fault divorce. If you’re choosing the latter, serious discerning and a series of actions have to be done.

Thing to Consider

1. Children and Immediate Family

Divorce will have an impact on your children’s emotions, which will make the ordeal even more stressful for you. Of course, you shouldn’t force yourself to stay with your spouse for the sake of your kids, especially if both of you are clearly unhappy in the marriage already. But even so, you still need to consider how your children will handle your divorce before filing the petition. Keep a level head during this time, and avoid the blame game once you speak to your spouse about getting a divorce.

2. Cost

Not just the monetary costs of divorce, but also of the new living arrangements if you’re the one moving out of the house. There would also be after-divorce financial obligations such as child support. Make a financial plan before filing a divorce to be certain that you can get everything covered.

3. Your Efforts

You can’t just leave after encountering your first difficulty as a married couple. But if the challenges only get harder and unbearable as the marriage courses through, and you’re certain that you’ve already given your all to fix your issues and reconcile your differences, then divorce might be the best solution to end all the hardships.

Things To Accomplish Before Filing a Divorce

Filing a Divorce

If you’re already totally certain that you want to leave the marriage, take these steps before officially filing for a no-fault divorce.

1. Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Legal counsel is essential, even if it’s a no-fault divorce. Competent and experienced divorce attorneys in Denver, Colorado, or other places will guide you through the divorce’s process, such division of property, and child custody and support.

2. Prepare Financial Documents

Your shared financial documents will come in handy during the divorce, and you should have them filled before the proceedings take place. Some spouses don’t react well to being divorced and may make these documents difficult for you to access, so gather them even before filing the divorce.

3. Plan for Child Custody

Naturally, you’d want to win custody of your kids, but also consider the possibility of shared custody. Make plans for living arrangements and responsibilities to ensure that your kids will be well taken care of during and after the divorce.

4. Buy or Sell Properties

When the divorce is officially in effect, you’d be prohibited to make transactions involving your marital property. Thus, before filing the divorce, make the necessary purchases or sales, or complete pending transactions, as long as they’re legitimate and beneficial for you and your spouse.

5. Set Goals on Living Situations

Decide where you’ll live while the divorce takes place, and after. Your lawyer can help you come up with a sound plan.

6. Divide Assets

It would be good to already have an asset division plan before the divorce gets finalized. Decide on how you’re splitting ongoing expenses, such as a mortgage.

Whether you’re still torn or have already decided, receiving marriage counseling will be beneficial. Consider divorce as the last option. Counseling will help you sort out your feelings and determine if you’re making the right decisions.

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