Keeping Kitchen Equipment Clean at All Times

If you ask caterers and restaurant owners about the most difficult part of their day, most of them will most probably say that cleaning up and keeping their equipment and small wares clean would be the hardest.

Nobody likes cleaning up and washing the dishes, but it definitely has to be done, especially if you are running a catering business or something that has to do with food.

Here, we will talk about how you can keep your catering equipment clean so the money that went to catering installation services would not go to waste any time soon.

Clean it on a Daily Basis

Clean your kitchen and catering equipment on a daily basis. For example, wiping your stove and oven top with a damp cloth after every use should always be in your best practice. You should also remember to clean it even if you are closed for a day or two, as dust and bacteria can still find its way through it.

The same goes for small wares and utensils, as these are used by your customers and guests. You should always make it a point to clean, sanitise, and disinfect them every single day.

Look at the Manual That Came with It

If you are unsure about how to clean your kitchen or catering equipment, then look for the manual that came with it. Chances are you will find the instructions on how to clean it properly without having to call a professional in.

If you cannot find the manual, then go ahead and call the supplier or manufacturer of the equipment. Ask them to go through it step by step, or if they have a website or a blog that you can visit and find cleaning instructions.

If all else fails, then go ahead and all the company that installed the catering equipment, as they would most likely know how to properly clean the equipment.

Check the Equipment Regularly

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As mentioned, it should be in your to-do list to check on the equipment even if you are not using them for the day. Your space might be enclosed, but dust and small particles can still find their way through it, which can eventually ruin your catering equipment.

If you are not available to check on the equipment, then at least have someone take a good look at it and clean it with a damp piece of cloth or tissue. It does not have to be a thorough and intense cleanup, though. All you need is to get the dust and particles off it and you are good to go.

Train your staff and let them know how to handle the equipment and small wares. Let them know that part of their job description is to clean the catering and kitchen equipment and keep it that way to avoid any unnecessary repairs. Kitchen and catering equipment sure is not cheap, and you definitely would not want to shell out money over and over again due to mishandling.

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