Lawyer Relationship: How to Work Harmoniously Together for a Long Time

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The relationship you have with your accountant, banker, and attorney will each have a profound impact on the business. While most businessmen tend to just dive right into negotiating with these new professionals in their lives, better businessmen study what these people mean to their businesses and how to ensure that they get the most out of these relationships.

In Lynnwood, a criminal defense attorney can be counted on to consult with you when you encountered some legal roadblocks. The attorney-client privilege, in particular, protects anything that you say to him. You can confide in him without having to worry that he will spill the beans to someone else. Ethics will prevent him from doing that. He is mandated by his profession to keep whatever you say to himself.

Understand What Attorneys Do

Take the time and effort to understand what an attorney does. A lawyer protects you from legal squabbles. He tries to prevent any legal woes in the future by guiding you toward the right path. It may sometimes feel overprotective, but what a lawyer wants is to protect your interests and make sure that every contract will be in your favor.

Eliminate Conflicts of Interest

Never hire a lawyer who has the same interests as you in business. If a lawyer is somehow invested in a business that is similar to yours, that lawyer is not the right one for you to hire. His advice will be clouded, and his decisions will be influenced by his own interests. He won’t be actively protecting your rights and interests. Instead, he will be protecting his interests and might be putting you at risk without even thinking about it.

Explain the Fees

You’re paying this lawyer. This is not a friend who will willingly provide free legal advice and assistance. Agreeing on the fees upfront and getting these terms in writing will create a more solid foundation for the relationship. Some lawyers charge an hourly rate, while some charge a flat fee for a certain service such as drawing up a will. There are two types of fees. A contingency fee is one where the lawyer will collect the money if they win the case, while a retainer fee is an amount you pay a lawyer every month to retain his services.

Keep It Professional

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A romantic relationship between a client and an attorney is frowned upon for a good reason. The lawyer won’t be able to think clearly and without bias if he or she is involved with a client. If there is an undeniable attraction, it is best to talk about it and decide if it’s worth pursuing. The client just needs to find another attorney who can represent him or her.

Your relationship with the professionals in the business community you’re now part of is important for the success of your company. When you establish a better relationship with them, it creates a chain reaction that also allows for businesses to grow and thrive. Through a little time and effort, you can get to know your lawyer better, what he does, why he is important to your organization, and what he needs to know about your business.

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