Modifications That Made the Modern Vehicle


The history of the automobile is, in many ways, a study of innovation. From the early days when vehicles were little more than buggy-whip manufacturers with an engine to today’s ultra-sophisticated vehicles that are computer-controlled and powered by fuel cells, automakers have always been determined to produce something better than what came before.

Today, as environmental concerns grow and energy costs continue to rise, automakers are looking for ways to make their products greener while still providing plenty of power and style. This article will discuss how you can incorporate innovation into your rides.

Vehicle Features

Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s fuel-conscious world, and automakers are always trying to make their vehicles more efficient. One of the most common ways to increase efficiency is with hybrid vehicles that use both gasoline engines and rechargeable electric motors for power.

Another great way to save fuel is to use a smaller engine. To do so, automakers have been downsizing engines from 3.5 liters and up for decades now. It has been a gradual process, to the point where some small rides today have machines as small as 1.0 liter.

However, smaller engines require more frequent maintenance and tend to be less reliable in general. Nonetheless, automakers are still looking for ways to optimize and improve in this area.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a light but stiff material that makes the perfect choice for the body of a race car, where weight and strength can be crucial factors in going fast. These days, there are companies offering carbon fiber components for regular vehicles- which you can install yourself if your ride isn’t already made of it.

The benefit is obvious, as carbon fiber helps make vehicles lighter. A slight downside is that some types of carbon fiber are still prohibitively expensive for some drivers, plus the ease of installation depends entirely on your skills with a wrench.

The bottom line is that it is up to you whether you want to give this mod a try — remember that it can be hard to return the item (or part of it) if you don’t like the result!

Android-enabled Systems

Today, more and more vehicles come with a touchscreen entertainment console that can run smartphone apps. Some new models even allow you to access your phone’s contacts and text messages on the automobile’s interface — which is great for parents whose kids borrow their vehicle.

The benefit of this mod is obvious — everything you need in one handy package. What is more, you can use your Android app to check the vehicle’s GPS and run all kinds of useful travel-related apps.

Although some drivers are not that techy, many are positive about the benefits of this invention. Be sure to upgrade your ride with this feature if you want to have an easy time on the road, as it can be hard to work with an old-fashioned system as the days pass by.

Surround Sound Features

The ability to blast your favorite tunes is one of the reasons taking a road trip can be so much fun. With that in mind, why not get the most out of your music system by having it output sound in all directions?

That may sound like an obvious modification at first, but you might want to think again about how well it would work. The benefits include car stereos having a wider sound field and the ability to play music as loud as you want without bothering other people inside or those outside of it.

This upgrade is perfect for maximizing any users’ immersive experience throughout their ride — an obvious feature that would let the younger generations stay up-to-date with the hottest hits.

Dashboard Internet Connectivity

Today’s vehicles come with an ever-increasing number of Internet connectivity options — which you can use to run everything from maps to online music services. Thanks to their large touchscreens, modern vehicles make great tools for hailing a Lyft or Uber ride as well as ordering a pizza without having to step outside.

Another obvious benefit of upgrading your ride is that you’ll have an easier time staying in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues. What’s the point of owning the latest ride if you can’t find a way to keep in touch with others? The feature also comes in handy if you frequently run large errands, as you can find any piece of information you need on the Internet without having to leave the vehicle.

So, there you have it — fun and easy modifications that you can make to your ride. Weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision, and be sure to enjoy your updated vehicle!

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