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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has radically changed the manner by which children are educated around the world. With people forced to stay in their houses, remote education has become the norm. With it, new approaches in teaching and education were produced, albeit in a hurry. How can children cope with these new developments in learning and how can parents help them cope?

Below are some tips for parents to help their kids adjust to this new educational arrangement.

Dedicate a Room for Learning

It can be extremely hard for children to adapt to the learning environment at home, considering that there may be a lot of distractions for them. To minimize distractions, put them in a room where they will not be disturbed by other children, family members, visiting neighbors, or the sound of dogs and other outside noise. Arranging their learning space to make it look like their own personal space may also help them concentrate on their daily online lessons.

Give Them a Reliable Computer

Online learning requires them to perform tasks online or to participate in online video conferences. These activities require good equipment that will work as their companion in this new learning process. To make sure that the computers they are using are of optimum performance, it is recommended to refrain from installing unnecessary software on them. Moreover, there should be a regular check-up for viruses and malware, which can slow down their computers.

Installing antivirus software can also help. If the computers are older models and already show signs of slowing down, adding more RAM to them can help increase their speed. Performing disk cleanup and defragmentation can also free up some space, improving computer speed.

In some instances, computers can still slow down really bad despite performing cleanup and defragmentation. They may also not perform efficiently as expected. Sometimes, they may even stop working altogether unexpectedly. There can be many reasons for this, including malware, age of the computer, or the computer really has some internal problems that need attention.

In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a computer technician. Geek Squad is a popular solution, but if you are looking for a more affordable service, there are Geek Squad alternatives that can provide you with the same level of service.

Use Parental Control on Electronic Gadgets

The children of today are inclined to using different types of gadgets to play online games, post on social media, watch online videos, or engage in many other virtual activities. These activities can distract them during their online classes. To keep them focused only on their online learning, make sure that they can access only the sites that you allow. Computers and gadgets, especially when you install antivirus software on them, have parental controls, which allow parents to put restrictions on the children’s use of the gadgets.

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Allow Children to Take Breaks

It will be hard for children to sit all day in front of their computers. Sitting all day and long hours of screen time can cause health problems, such as neck and back pains, eye strain, depression, and obesity. Allowing them time to take short breaks and do what they want out of their class can help them stay fit mentally and physically. Making them perform certain physical activities repeatedly can also help them improve their concentration and attention span.

Teach Children the Value of Time Management

Creating a schedule for their everyday class and other activities can help children become responsible individuals. They will be able to learn to manage their time well between schoolwork and leisurely activities. Consistency and building as much structure on the schedule can help them learn. There should be a set time for them to perform school-related activities, eat their meals, and do activities outside of school. Letting them play during breaks can give them a little sense of freedom and relaxation from the stress-inducing online class.

Build a Reward System

Give them positive feedback if they do well in their online class. Rewarding them for their hard work and academic achievements can motivate them to perform better and to engage in their online classes more. Praising them after finishing a class is also a good strategy.

Children may have a hard time adjusting to their new learning procedure at first. With proper guidance and support from parents, though, they will be able to get the hang of it and will learn to appreciate online classes more. Even when they are all adjusting to this new procedure, it will help them greatly if they are given time to interact with their friends even virtually.

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