Pointers for Selling Barely Used Goods

If you have way too much clutter in your house, then selling them online might be your best solution. If you need proof that an online thrift shop sells, perhaps the industry’s $17B reported revenue is attractive enough for you.

Okay, maybe you want to sell unwanted stuff instead of managing a full-blown flipper store. Either way, you need to cover the fundamentals to sell fast and make decent money. If it’s your first time starting an online thrift shop, then read on for the necessary steps.

Build a beautiful website

Your stuff might be old, but your space doesn’t need to show it. Website designers in Utah can help spruce up your online thrift store with a dynamic user interface and eye-catching design. You’d look like you’re selling brand-new things.

But why would you need a site? While you can sign up for websites where you can sell pre-loved goods like eBay, Decluttr, or ThredUp, it still pays to have your own space. You can maximize revenue by waiving commissions or joining fees, and you leverage your brand. You can even personalize each purchase through your platform.

Initiate your inventory

You don’t have to put up every single unwanted stuff inside your house – not everyone will want to buy them. This can also ruin the homogenous brand that you’re trying to build.

If you’ve been collecting niche goods, then you can jump from that. You can create categories on your site so that everything is organized. Think technology and digital accessories, luxury goods like handbags or jewelry, or specialty toys like rare playing cards or model airplanes.

You can also consider consigning more unwanted products from friends or families.

Authenticate your goods

Speaking of specialty goods, when you’re selling valuable vintage goods, it will help you if they are authenticated. These include rare collectibles like sneakers worn by the actual player, antique finds like rare gemstones or old coins, or cultural pieces such as paintings and original manuscripts.

One way to prove your product is authentic is by having the original receipt or presenting a notarized maker’s signature. Other proof will work too – last wills,  photographs, diary entries – and they will provide value, and thus a higher price, just the same.

Make your products look presentable

hanged clothes

It also helps when your pre-loved products are in their best shape. Calculate the costs, though. If it costs more to restore it than selling it, then don’t bother. Some stitching, cleaning, or buffing will help make it look like it’s new again.

To make them look more presentable, you can even personalize your products’ packaging before shipping them out. This helps you get repeat customers and achieve a more recognizable brand.


If the online flipping business treats you well, then you might want to do it for good and build an actual online shop. The benefits? You don’t have to secure a business permit, you save on staffing, and you get to do everything from the comforts of your own home.

To stock up, try to sift through general secondhand stores like Goodwill or other sources like garage sales, storage unit auctions, clearance sales, and flea markets. Buy in bulk, and take advantage of discount deals. Then, start flipping and pinning price tags like they’re good as new!

Don’t stop at putting up yard sales. If you have a knack for selling like a real businessman, then you’ll be breathing new life to a lot of old things with your online thrift shop.

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