Promotional Products: The Right Way to Use Them

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Do you remember the days when companies printed their logos on almost every item and distributed them to the public? These include T-shirts, pens, umbrellas, mugs, and many others. You call them promotional products, and their main aim was and still is to advertise a company’s products and services. Like other advertising channels, using promotional products in an industry prove to produce results. However, you need to have the right choice of items depending on your target group.

Here are a few things to guide you when using promotional products for your business:

Logo Printing

There is a general assumption that promotional items should bear the logo and name of the company, but that is not entirely necessary. Some individuals may feel shy to carry the items around when they have large logos on them. You can opt to personalize the promotional item for your client instead. For example, you can print their names on an object of their choice then you can put a small logo on it. That way, you can be sure that they will carry the item around as it feels unique to them.

Target the Business Environment

Environmental targeting refers to giving out promotional products that are in the same environment as your services or products. When clients are interacting with the item in their daily life, there are high chances that they will consider your products or services.

Consider the Item’s Shelf Life

When choosing products to use, select items that have a long shelf life. This is because they should be in the best condition for a long time. That way, you can expect that a customer will see the product for a long time and would consider purchasing your services or products again. The only exception to shelf life is when you will be issuing food or perishable gift items to them.

Offer Choices

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There is no set rule dictating that you should only have one promotional item. The more promotional items you have, the higher the chances of reaching a wider audience. If you have multiple promotional items, give the clients the chance to suit a promotional item. The clients will choose an item that they will be using more often — one that appeals to them most. That way, you will be sure that your marketing efforts are effective and on-point.


Giving out promotional items is not enough effort for successful marketing. Customers need to relate to your brand even when marketing. Therefore, take some time to explain your brand before handing them the promotional items. Be ready to answer questions they may have at the moment, and that will clear any doubts and build confidence in your brand.

Like any other decision in a company that requires serious input, the use of promotional products in the industry should too. Making the right decision pertaining to the right promotional products to use will prove to be rewarding in the long run. Do not forget that you need to consider the manner of delivering the products to the customer.

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