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Restaurant owners have already gained access to innovative technologies to streamline their daily operations in the past years. In addition, they can also find new apps and tools that weren’t available before. Due to the ongoing pandemic, people now take advantage of innovative restaurant technologies that offer in-person ordering, pick-up, contactless delivery, and online ordering.

Below are the six other innovative technologies restaurant owners should look out for in the upcoming years. Investing in one of these will help you bring in more customers and generate more revenue while keeping the costs low.

Online Delivery and Ordering Apps

Lockdowns, strict health protocols, and imposed restrictions made restaurants highly vulnerable. Online ordering apps and contactless home deliveries made people’s lives much easier, and this trend will stay. That’s because modern-day diners are getting used to getting their orders how, where, and when they want it. Now, the food delivery market is earning $150 billion globally, which has tripled since 2017 due to the pandemic.

Investing in third-party delivery apps, including Postmates, Foodpanda, or UberEats, will continue to be an effective solution for establishments that can’t offer delivery services or in-house ordering. However, the restaurants will dictate the availability. You can expect to see restaurants following this trend and investing in online apps or tools.

It allows the food industry to stay more closely connected with its customers, despite the current circumstances everyone is dealing with.

Online Table Reservation Systems

In the past, people would call a lunch restaurant for a reservation. However, the practice of calling for a reservation has become a thing of the past due to the birth of online table reservation apps. Modern providers can allow their customers to freely check the available tables and slots before making a reservation through their platforms. In turn, restaurant owners can easily take control of dining preferences, customer loyalty, waitlists, and seating.

It also enables you to gather client data for market research or other insights. If you’re looking for something more advanced, you can also opt for apps that will allow your establishment to promote dining experiences and culinary events. That’s in addition to offering table reservations. It’ll enable customers to easily make an appointment for their next dining experience and according to their taste buds.

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Inventory Management Systems

Investing in automated inventory management software programs can mean scheduling reorders, anticipating quantities, tracking inventory. It’ll streamline tedious tasks. More importantly, it’ll help minimize food wastage. Using cutting-edge software programs can cut costs and food waste while running your business more sustainably and efficiently.

Using inventory management tools will also help you lessen the chances of wasting your stocks, making them available to people looking for a sweet deal. You can protect the environment while also saving time and money.

New Air Purification Technologies

With local authorities slowly easing the restrictions, your customers also return to dining in. Hence, you have to make them feel comfortable and safe. Investing in the most innovative air purification system and technologies will produce cleaner air, highlighting the fast-paced restaurant industry. Harmless technologies, which purify the surfaces and air in your restaurant, are also slowly emerging.

Most are already showing promising outcomes for the market. Using ultraviolet light is one of the most efficient methods to purify an establishment. Innovative technologies are slowly becoming the industry’s highlight, even if they’re not readily available yet.

QR Codes

Using QR codes is slowly popping up at different restaurants from across the globe. In this contactless age, scanning barcodes from websites, doors, coasters, tables, and posters with a smartphone will allow customers to pay, order, and see the menu. That keeps both customers and employers safe. QR codes have also played an essential role in aiding restaurants with mandatory contact tracing protocols.

Online Kitchen Menu Boards

Your kitchen staff also don’t have to worry about running back-and-forth to the reception area and kitchen or smudged printed tickets. Kitchen display systems are menu boards made for the kitchen staff. It’ll help your restaurant streamline the back-of-the-house operations. Make sure to connect it with the restaurant’s POS system, and the screen will automatically display orders based on dietary requests and priority.

It’ll also help monitor inventory and track meal delivery times, ensuring sustainable kitchen operations, clearer workflows, accuracy, and better communication.

Dining practices have slowly changed due to the pandemic, paving a new era for the food industry. With the problems caused by the current global crisis, it’s more efficient to keep up with the most innovative restaurant trends your customers are expecting from your establishment. Use this guide for reference to educate yourself.

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