Road Accidents and the Safety Measures to Prevent Them

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We all make time for the things we deem important in our lives. However, try as we might to manage our time properly — all 24 hours in a day — it cannot be helped that much of it is spent on the road, behind the wheels of our cars.

In 2017, the Volpe Center of the Department of Transportation reported that Americans collectively spent over 70 billion hours in vehicles, with drivers travelling more than 220 miles each week. Those are some moments of our lives that we cannot take back.

Moreover, every minute we spend on the road leaves us exposed to numerous risks, which could lead to unfortunate events. Road accidents are among the leading causes of injury and death worldwide, with around 20 to 50 million people getting injured and 1.25 million passing away.

Risk Factors

Many people might note that being extremely cautious and taking great care while on the road can significantly lower our chances of being caught in an accident. While there is truth behind this mindset, we have to take into consideration outside factors, as well, like reckless drivers and poorly maintained roads.

Even those who do not drive and instead opt to use carpooling services are not free from the dangers, whether we are located in Los Angeles or Mumbai. Of course, we can always rely on medical care and the legal services of an Uber accident attorney should things go awry. However, some of us may be wondering: surely, there are ways to prevent road accidents from happening altogether?

Action Plans

Throughout recent years, countries all over the world have been stepping to the plate and implementing various road safety measures.

The most noteworthy of which is Vision Zero. This multinational road safety project operates on the ethical principle that it is not acceptable for there to be highway systems that lead to fatalities or any other serious injuries. This was first created in Sweden in 1997, when they passed the Road Traffic Safety Bill.

Norway followed suit and established that Vision Zero will be the basis of road safety measures in their nation. Cooperation among the several branches of the government, like the Norwegian Council for Road Safety and the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs, was also promoted by the Norwegian National Action Plan for Road Safety.

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America, too, is working to lessen casualties with Vision Zero in mind. New York particularly has been making a more conscious effort after it was reported that approximately 4,000 New Yorkers are seriously injured and around 250 are killed in incidents that occur on the road.

Among the few commitments on the New York action plan are to heavily enforce vehicles that speed and do not give way to pedestrians, create street designs that improve safety, and increase penalties dealt to reckless drivers all over the city.

In Los Angeles, the same amount of effort is exerted to make changes, as well. There is a heavy focus on bicycling and walking being safer in the streets, as well as refining intersections and roundabouts to increase safety among drivers and pedestrians.

Given that so many nations are making conscious decisions to lower the number of road accidents that occur every year, it is only a matter of time before we get to enjoy streets that are safe enough to not cause any worries.

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