Safety Pays: Workplace Safety is a Priority

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Safety in the workplace is so important in many ways, not just to the employees but to everyone.

Workplace safety is a moral issue.

By law, employers and companies are supposed to ensure that workers have a safe environment. This is to protect their overall health — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Providing employees with an avenue that protects their health and promotes wellness communicates that the company values them and their families. Having this sense of security gives workers a greater purpose and motivation to excel in their jobs and do their best to serve the company.

Workplace safety is a business concern.

A safety-compliant workplace is strategically sound for any business. Not only will workers feel good about themselves and the company they work for, but they are also well motivated to give their best output to protect the company that protects them.

If your workers have a pleasant disposition at work and towards the company, they will be loyal to you and will give their 100% at work. This will lead to an increase in overall productivity and a decrease in employee grievances.

Enhancing Your Safety in the Workplace

1. Know and fully understand what the risks are.

Identify all the potential hazards of your business and surroundings. As soon as you know what they are and what the consequences will be if you neglect them, put the proper safeguards in place to reduce any accident that could cause injuries or fatalities.

2. Minimize stress in the workplace.

If you are an employer, take care of your people by not making the workplace a burden and a source of stress for them. This doesn’t mean that you need to serve everything on a silver platter. This just means that you do not overwork them, stick to eight-hour workdays, avoid contacting them about work during their personal time, help resolve workplace conflicts, and other similar concerns.

If you, on the other hand, are an employee, be responsible with your time at work. Do not procrastinate. Learn to prioritise things. Dea with any interpersonal issues with your coworkers or supervisors.

3. Take breaks regularly.

Breaks allow you to recharge your brains and help you refocus. Regular breaks help you avoid burnout and stress.

4. Try to avoid twisting and moving your body in uncomfortable positions.

Keep your desk organised and arrange them in a way that won’t require you to keep twisting and turning just to reach certain items. Use ergonomically designed equipment and furniture to make it easier for you.

5. Use machines when needed.

Machines are there for a reason. They are supposed to make your workload easier. For instance, instead of transporting a heavy object manually, make use of wheelbarrows, forklifts or cranes.

6. Do not put too much strain on your back.

When lifting heavy stuff off the floor, refrain from putting too much strain on your back. Grab the item, pull the weight up with your legs, and keep the object close to your body.

7. Wear the right gear and equipment.

Having the right gear and equipment for specific tasks helps reduce workplace accidents. Whether you need to get that hi-vis workwear in NZ or those earplugs and goggles in Queensland, always make sure to wear the appropriate gear for the task at hand.

8. Stay sober.

Never mix drugs and alcohol with work. Statistically, these two cause about 3% of workplace fatalities.

9. Communicate any immediate safety concerns.

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Employers are legally required to provide a safe workplace for employees. If you see potential hazards at work, talk to your supervisor or HR manager immediately.

10. Protect your rights.

As a workman, you have legal rights to a safe and sound working environment. Know your rights. Talk to organisations or unions that can shed light on this topic.

Workplace safety is an absolute must if a company wants to stay in the game long and prosper. Taking care of your people’s health will make them take care of you, too.

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