Satisfy Your Cravings: Most Popular Sandwiches in the World

Sandwich with fries

There is a story that the sandwich was invented by the Earl of Sandwich during a card game. That may be true for the sandwich as it is known in the Western world, but there are other kinds of sandwich-like foods around the world that consist of slices of meat and vegetables wrapped between two pieces of bread.

The following are the most popular bread-and-meat food varieties in the world.

The BLT – United Kingdom

BLT consists of bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Its origin is traced back to the 19th century in England, when it was used to be served as a kind of tea sandwich. It is popular across the world, as most sandwich franchises have their own version on the menu.

The Shawarma – Middle East

Shawarma is not the same as gyros, but it is one of the most popular sandwiches that traces its origin to 19th-century Turkey. Shawarma is from the word “cevirme,” which means meat that is slow-roasted on a vertical spit, shaved off, placed on a pita or flatbread. You can have lamb, beef, mutton, or chicken for shawarma.

The Falafel – Middle East

It is said to have originated in Egypt, but some say it came from Yemen or India. Falafel is made of mashed chickpeas, spices rolled into balls, fried, stuffed into a fresh pita with veggies, and some hot sauce.

The Bean – Senegal

This West African sandwich is a mainstay of Senegalese breakfast. It is comprised of red beans cooked in very spicy tomato paste with onions, spices, baguettes, mayonnaise, and hot sauce.

The Boh Loh Yau – Hong Kong

Also known as the pineapple bun, this is a delectable sandwich with butter, sugar, and a lot of butter. This is a breakfast staple in many Hong Kong homes. It is made of a sugar cookie with a pineapple-like pattern.

The Croquette Sando – Japan

This sandwich is a result of Western influence. The Croquette Sando is a popular pre-dinner appetizer in Japan. It is part of the fusion food called yōshoku, which consists of omelets, pasta, and hamburger, including theses fried croquettes.

The Doner Kebab – Turkey

This is an integral part of the Middle Eastern cuisine that dates back to 19th-century Ottoman Turkey. The doner kebab includes vertically grilled meats, much like the shawarma.

The Bombay Sandwich – India

This is India’s vegetarian take on the classic club sandwich. It comes with raw cucumbers, beet slices, lettuce, mayo, and cheese in between bread layers.

The Pork Belly Bao – China

Chinese dimsum

The pork belly bao is comprised of a very smooth, pillow-soft white bun, steamed and warmed through and made extra fluffy. It is a fusion of many flavors and textures, such as fatty, melt-in-your-mouth pork, nutty grounded peanuts, refreshing cilantro, and mustard greens, all wrapped in a very white, soft, and spongy bun.

The Chip Butty – United Kingdom

The UK’s Chip Butty is any carb lover’s dream sandwich. It is a buttered roll that can be filled with thick-cut French fries, chips, malt vinegar, salt to taste, and more. This is a very popular dish found in fish-and-chip shops all over Britain.

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