10 Ways to Use Technology to Reduce Stress

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Technology is a major part of society today. Our lives revolve around screens, and each person has their own ways of using them to escape from reality. Sometimes, this is not always a good thing. However, there are many techniques that can be used with technology that has been scientifically proven to relax your brain.

Here are ten ways you can use technology to reduce stress:

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1. Use a Sleep App

There are many sleep apps that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. These apps utilize a recording of soothing sounds and calming music in order to relax you before going to bed. Melodies include everything from the chirping of crickets to a simple tune played on a piano.

By playing soothing sounds, music, and sounds of nature, you can use these apps to relax your brain into a sleeping state.

2. Use Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you cannot sleep with ambient background noise or want peace and quiet when reading a book, using noise-canceling headphones is an excellent way to block out external distractions.

Through the use of sound impervious shells that block out surrounding noise while playing soothing sounds in your ears, this type of headphone can help you relax while reading or doing other tasks.

3. Stream Your Favorite TV Show or Movie

Another great way to relax is to watch your favorite show or movie. If you stream shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services, you can download these apps to access them from your phone.

Then you can plug in your headphones for noise-canceling technology while watching your favorite program. This makes it easier for people whose family does not appreciate the sound of gunshots when watching their favorite cop drama!

5. Go on a Digital Diet

This is more difficult than it seems but rewarding nonetheless! If you spend too much time using technology for entertainment, this can cause stress instead of reducing it. One way of getting back in touch with reality is by deleting apps off of your phone that you do not use often enough to justify their existence.

Also, uninstalling every game from your tablet or computer will help to reduce the amount of time spent on them. This way, you can return to old-fashioned paper and board games such as chess or checkers!

6. Get a Massager

There are massage chairs that relax your entire body with the push of a button. Using it is an excellent way to reduce stress, and it is something that can be done at home.

By switching on the massage function, you can set the chair to your favorite mode and let it work its magic. This method usually results in an extremely relaxed feeling almost immediately after sitting down!

7. Take Advantage of Technology at Work

This may seem counterintuitive, but there are quite a few ways to utilize technology while working on relaxing your brain during the day instead of letting them wear you down.

One way is by playing soothing sounds on your computer speakers while doing online research or typing an assignment. This way, you can listen to music without disturbing others around you with headphones!

8. Use Meditation Apps

There are many meditation apps that can be downloaded to your phone. These apps play relaxing sounds and nature scenes to help you relax while practicing mindfulness.

By focusing on the current moment instead of worrying about daily tasks, this app is able to de-stress anyone who wants to find inner peace.

9. Get a Coffee Maker with a Built-in Grinder

By using pre-ground coffee in your automatic, programmable coffee machine, you can eliminate the steps of grinding fresh beans, and they will still taste great! This way, it is easier to drink that delicious cup of Joe you love without worrying about getting sleepy!

This works really well if you are someone who has trouble sleeping at night after drinking coffee during the day. Now there is no reason not to drink an entire pot by yourself nightly!

10. Get a Humidifier for Your Home

Not only are humidifiers good for your skin, but they are also great at moisturizing the air in your house.

By adding humidity back into the air, you are able to improve the quality of breathing when entering your home after being outside. This will help you relax your body and mind after working hard all day!​

The ten ways of using technology to reduce stress and de-stress your mind that we’ve mentioned in this article can be applied by anyone. Just try them out and see which ones work best for you!

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