The Benefits of Being “Addicted” to Technology


Have you ever been told that you spend too much time on the Internet? Surely, your parents have scolded you a few too many times for using your phone while sitting on the dinner table. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Time and time again, teens have been criticized for their excessive use of digital devices like their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Older generations would consider it an addiction to technology, viewing it in a negative light. Admittedly, the younger generations are very attached to their technological devices. We can’t last a day without our phones at all. But maybe an addiction to technology is not such a bad thing — in moderation, of course. There are some benefits to being attached to technology, some of which are the following:


Technology has completely rewritten the way the world works. Everything has been made easier with the advent of technological innovation. Admittedly, life has been very convenient for us who know how to utilize technology. Since we’ve been using our mobile phones, laptops, and tablets almost our whole lives, we are very knowledgeable about it. We have a sense of technological know-how that we learned on our own. Chances are, your parents or older relatives run to you to help them navigate their phone settings or update their social media sites.

The young generation is very tech-savvy, which becomes highly beneficial in today’s day and age. We are qualified for opportunities in the corporate sphere, considering that a lot, if not all businesses now are also making use of technology for their daily operations. There is also the booming sector of digital marketing, a job that requires technical know-how and expertise in Internet trends. Hence, teens who have been dubbed as “tech addicts” can access opportunities in the digital sphere. They can get IT and tech-related jobs, start a social media marketing franchise, open up their own online business, etc. And this is all thanks to their use and mastery of their mobile phones and the Internet.

employees workingAccess to information

Nowadays, all our questions can easily be answered with the press of a few buttons. Whenever we’re interested or unsure about something, we can easily grab our mobile devices and consult Google or other search engines. We have access to a large pool of information, regardless of when, where, and for what purpose we need them. This presents tons of opportunities for learning and growth. We become more aware of current events because they’re scattered around our news feeds. We can learn about current trends and news whenever we need to. We can quickly search for solutions to our problems. This not only makes our lives more convenient, but it also paves the way for innovation, thinking, and learning.

Ability to form closer relationships

If you take a look at the statistics of Internet use among teens, it reveals that 85% of users go on YouTube most often, 72% on Instagram, 69% on Snapchat, 51% on Facebook, and 32% on Twitter. As you can see, these sites are all social media platforms where users can communicate with their friends, share about their lives, and connect with new people. Hence, it can be said that technology, coupled with the advent of the Internet, has paved the way for closer relationships. Because teens are now able to catch up with their friends and stay updated with each other’s lifestyles, they can continue to connect even while physically apart.

Technology has indeed changed the game for us, making our lives more convenient and exciting too. Though excessive use of technology is considered negative, proper and wise utilization can lead to beneficial opportunities for today’s youth.

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