The Graduate’s Dilemma: The Struggle for Modern Employment

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The many advances in modern technology are creating more opportunities for employment. As a fresh graduate, you want to get a good job, fair pay, and an upward career path. How do you begin this journey, though? Here are some ways for you to start:

Expand Your Options

Your course and interests aren’t the only determiners for your potential employment. You have many ways to expand, especially now that you have full access to the modern world via the Internet. You still have to find a good reason to choose your job and the courses you want to take, so don’t go picking random subjects and jobs just to bolster your resume. If you are a visual artist and want to gain a foothold in the community, send your portfolio to museums, galleries, and offices. If you’re an aspiring lawyer, get into a criminal investigation training program or find a mentor on litigation. Your choices are always growing.

Start Humble, Not Small

You may hope to land a good job and start a corporate position that will earn you thousands of dollars. Who wouldn’t want to get a job at a prestigious company that serves their financial, intellectual, and career needs? There’s no shame in starting in an entry-level position, however, especially if you’re new to the industry. What you should aspire to do is to change your vocabulary for the empowerment of your work attitude. Nothing is small when it benefits you or the people working with you. Nothing is a risk if you know you’ve calculated the results and will gain far more than you could lose. Everything is possible, although your skill, determination, and craft are the elements that will make it probable.

Take the Opportunity Presented

There are situations where you’ll be given a chance to work under a big name. You might even find yourself the subject of interest for companies who are looking for your skill and talent. When this comes your way, it’s foolishness to decline simply because you don’t think you’re good enough. It’s not always up to you to decide whether you’re worthy of a position, but it’s with the combined intellect of your patron and possible employer. If they chose you for that particular position and you know that you need to grow, then do it while you’re there. Not everyone gets hired that easily, so that alone is something to be thankful for.

Bring Others In

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There’s no harm in bringing other people into the job opening. Just because you want to get the job doesn’t mean that you have to stifle other people’s growth. If the employer wants you specifically, then there’s nothing that you can do about it. If they tell you that they want you to bring people in who can help in the project, then, by all means, bring them in with you. Others don’t have to be competition, and they can even be helpful to you, too.

Whether it’s a high-end desk job or a contractual relationship with a starting business, you can always find a way to earn and learn. Grow your resume and remember to be good to people on the way up. They’ll remember your kindness and gratitude and keep an eye out for other ways you can grow.

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