The Indoctrination of Weak-willed Students

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A lot of parents have sent their kids to college only for them to come back a different person. Indoctrination in almost every college campus is practically unavoidable, and students are being taught to hate the USA, stifle free speech, promote liberal fascism, and embrace socialism.

Starting Early

Utah is probably the most religious state in the USA, but even Salt Lake City high schools aren’t safe from far-Left indoctrination. Even elementary schools and pre-schools in more liberal states are teaching kids with identity politics and socialism. If you want to give your kids a few years of actual schooling, you’ll probably need to send them to a charter school or a private school. Once your kids get to college, all bets are off. If you haven’t ingrained a strong will and independent spirit into your kids, they will be especially vulnerable to college pressures and indoctrination. Colleges that used to be strongholds of free speech now openly suppress dissenting opinions. Almost half of all college students believe free speech should be suppressed if it somehow makes someone uncomfortable. This is alarming because hearing a dissenting opinion is enough to make liberal college students uncomfortable.

Cult-like Methodology

Once you step into college, you will be judged by how privileged you are (if you are white) or how oppressed you are (if you are non-white). Men — primarily white men — will be doubly targeted. White college students will be shamed or made to feel guilty just for the fact of being born into a specific race or having a particular skin color. There will be no forgiveness, but they can slowly find their way to salvation by hating themselves and fighting for the just liberal cause. Non-white students (unless you’re Asian) are told how oppressed they are and are taught to hate their supposed oppressors. They are told that there is no hope for them and that only big government can take care of them. Everyone is pitted against each other, and the only way to be accepted is to show your allegiance/faith to the cause. This is why dissent is unthinkable, and arguing a liberal point is blasphemy. Cults and religious zealots employ the same tactics to erode the will of their targets and instill unquestioning devotion.

Prepare Your Kids

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You won’t be in the campuses with your kids, but you can instill a sense of independence in them. Good self-esteem also allows your kids to resist peer pressure and emotional manipulation. Encourage them to value independent thinking and make them wary of psychological manipulation. Let them be themselves and tell them not to associate with people who don’t accept them for what they are. These values were at one point also liberal values, but the Left has abandoned them in favor of moralistic fascism that doesn’t tolerate diversity of thought.

You don’t want your kids to turn into socialist monstrosities, but that is precisely what college will do if they aren’t equipped to handle indoctrination. Thankfully, manipulation only works on weak minds, which is why you must keep your children strong.

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