The Many Facets of Coworking

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Coworking is growing in popularity in Australia. Small companies and large corporations are beginning to see its value and are adding it to their day-to-day operations. Whether you’re an independent contractor, office employee, business owner, or prospective coworking franchiser, coworking can bring great changes and bigger opportunities.

Work Away from the Office

Coworking spaces allow freelancers, independent contractors, and regular office employees to work away from the usual office setting. They have a more casual and informal setting, with none of those strict hierarchal structure found in a regular office.

Coworkers have been proven to be more efficient, happier, and less stressed. This is why many companies are now reserving coworking spaces for their more creative employees. In short, the success of coworking is prompting them to explore additional avenues with which they can use the practice.

Coworking promotes result-oriented attitudes, raising efficiency without the need for constant supervision. You can work at your own pace as long as you achieve your goals. Finished with your daily task? Take a break, talk with fellow coworkers, or just go straight home.

Coworkers from different companies and specialisations can mingle and exchange ideas, allowing for better networking and broader sources of inspiration.

Run Your First Business

Starting a business can be difficult, but coworking spaces help make things easier. Business owners won’t have to worry about the high cost of renting office space or the various permits involved in setting up an office. You can take up as much or as little space as you need, adding room when you need or switching to a much bigger coworking space. This allows you to keep most of your capital into your actual products or services and devote fewer people in maintenance work.

Most coworking franchises provide concierge and secretarial services for an additional fee. In addition, large coworking franchises (especially those with branches) allow businesses to meet clients in dedicated conference rooms located in coworking branches around the country.

Setup a Coworking Space

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Large idle properties are perfect for a coworking franchise, but even large homes are having their site listed as viable shared office spaces. Listing your home as a shared office requires little changes and additions. All you need is to provide a few tables to work on, a stable and high-speed Internet, and preferably some air-conditioning. You can have your home listed through the Internet and specify which days you want your house to be open for coworking.

If you have large idle properties like unproductive office buildings or unused warehouses, then a coworking franchise can turn those money drains into productive assets.

Coworking franchises can cost a significant amount of investment, but they require little supervision once operation starts. After your initial investment, your chosen coworking company will take care of all operational matters, and all you need to do is receive monthly-generated profits.

It has been less than 15 years since the beginning of coworking as we know it. The practice is relatively in its infancy stage, but the demand is slowly outpacing growth. More companies will be opting to use coworking, giving more opportunities for freelancers and independent workers and increasing the demands for coworking spaces.

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