How TikTok Affects the Future of Social Media Marketing

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Nobody can deny that the video-sharing social media app TikTok has changed the music industry.

Record labels and artist managers tap into the app to promote music because its influencers don’t need huge sums of money to put a song on their video content. There’s also the fact that people can hear the same song in five different videos within five minutes of mindlessly scrolling through the app — you don’t see that type of exposure on Top 40 radio.

Considering the success of artists and music labels through TikTok, other industries might also benefit from a social media marketing strategy that focuses on the app. If your brand is already working with an SEO company to increase your social media engagement, consider adding TikTok to your strategy.

What makes TikTok a powerful social media platform?

TikTok is a social media platform that centers around short videos which people interact with by scrolling through their feeds. Creators typically record videos of themselves directly on the platform. They can use various editing effects and background music to make their videos more engaging.

It’s easy for people to get immersed in the app. In fact, users typically interact with TikTok content 45 minutes a day. Considering how there are approximately 689 million TikTok users around the world per month, that’s a market that businesses would do well to tap into.

Additionally, don’t be fooled by the assumption that TikTok has a relatively young user base. It has many pre-teen and teen users but the app continues to increase a wider range of people of different ages. As long as you can locate your target audience, the app would be useful for your marketing campaign.

How do you build a successful TikTok marketing strategy?

Make TikToks, not ads. This is the secret behind a successful TikTok social media marketing strategy.

Your target audience is bound to be more receptive to your brand messaging if it’s presented organically, similar to the rest of the unbranded videos that shape their on-platform browsing experience.

Take note of these tips that can help you secure a successful TikTok marketing campaign:

  • Create informational or humorous content that follows TikTok challenges and music trends.
  • Use relevant hashtags whenever you post videos. Use two to three hashtags per video.
  • Feel free to partner with established creators who have already built a name on the platform. Of course, you want to choose creators whose content aligns with your brand offerings.
  • Use the TikTok creator marketplace to know which influencers could boost your brand.
  • Explore different TikTok ads: in-feed ads, branded hashtags, branded effects, brand takeover, and Top View ads. Reach your audience through interest targeting or behavioral targeting.

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TikTok marketing is particularly tricky because you only have a brief moment to catch the attention of your target audience before they swipe to the next content. For this reason, it’s important to know your audience, jump on the latest TikTok trends, and make an effort to be a part of the community.

On a related note, consider investing in TikTok’s new Spark ads. These basically give you a brand boost through already trending organic content. When used correctly, it could be beneficial for your brand.

How does your brand benefit from TikTok’s new Spark ads?

TikTok recently launched a new ad option, Spark. It lets brands sponsor trending organic content that is related to their product or service offerings. It gives brands an association boost without needing to create content themselves, or without commissioning a TikTok creator to make content for them.

After finding these related videos, brands can reach out to the creators and re-purpose trending organic clips for paid social media campaigns. These clips, which are already performing strongly, can be converted into in-feed ads or Top View ads. They guaranteed an audience and maximize brand reach.

You might benefit from Spark ads if there are existing organic videos that match your campaign.

It’s particularly easy for food and beauty brands because food content creators and beauty influencers might already feature your products on their original content. Ultimately, however, any brand can find trending content that they can sponsor considering the wide reach and scope of TikTok videos.

Spark ads aren’t entirely about your brand reach, though. Since your brand will be sponsoring organic, unbranded video content that is related to your products or services, you’re securing a targeted audience within the TikTok user community. You know that the people who are viewing the sponsored content are also the same people who might be interested in your products or services.

So the next time you revisit your social media strategy with your digital marketing team, open the idea of TikTok marketing. It might just provide sustainable and impactful business value for you.

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