Top Qualities to Look For in a Truck Driver

Truck driver using the radio

For truck drivers, the call of the open road is hard to resist. Even if they will be away from family and friends for a few days or even weeks, it’s something that they endure. While on the road, their fellow drivers become their temporary family, in that they can entertain each other with stories through their radios or provide much-needed assistance during emergencies.

Truck drivers relish life on the long highways, to be alone with their thoughts. They’re unbound by the four walls of the office and promises a new encounter at every turn. But it is a difficult job with exacting standards. The turnover rate at companies that employ truck drivers are high. Working with a driver leasing service provider is a good alternative.

To do that, you must have the following qualities:

A mature sense of responsibility

Safety is foremost in the ideal truck driver’s mind. He knows his rig is big and the potential damage it could cause is tremendous. He will not take this for granted and will hit the road with safety in mind. He knows that at the end of the day, he wants to get back to his family in one piece, and so do those he passes on the road.


He knows that accidents happen without a warning, and to avoid it, he must be on his guard at all times. He cannot be daydreaming while on the road: the consequences may be serious.


Unlike office staff who has the luxury of going one floor down to seek support, the truck driver must address every issue that might crop up, such as repair work on this truck, issues about safety while on the road, the safety of his cargo, etc. He knows he will be on his own most of the time, and he should be able to handle that.

Clean driving record

A good truck driver should have an impeccable driving record. This speaks highly of the person’s qualities as a professional. A trucking company prefers drivers of this caliber, as they are easier to insure, which in turn, keeps vehicle operation down.

Customer service

A good truck driver has impeccable customer service skills. He knows he is not simply dealing with the truck, but also with real people called clients.

Physical stamina

A truck driver is expected to take long trips and he must have the physical stamina for the job.

Knows his truck

Man posing behind his red truckHis truck is his primary tool for the job. A good truck driver knows his rig inside out, every hiss and clank is an indicator of something that the truck is ‘telling’ him.

His own mechanic

The open road is not the best place to look for a mechanic. A good truck driver can perform maintenance and repair to ensure that his truck complies with industry and safety standards.


The success of the business depends on the truck driver’s ability to pick up and deliver his cargo on time.

Handles stress well

A good truck driver can face stress without fear. It is a tiring work dealing with a number of issues every day. He should be able to handle the stress of it all.

If your company is looking for a good driver, go to a trucking staffing company. Check their criteria against those listed here, and if they can honestly tell you that their drivers exhibit all of the above, and then some extra, stick with that company.

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